JUICE FASTING: Feel 10 to 20 Years Younger In 20 to 30 days


Do You Want To Feel Like Your 10-20 Years Younger In 20 Days? 

The purpose of this 7-10 Day Juice Fast is to cleanse the intestines, liver, kidneys, lymphatics and connective tissues of toxins and excess acids. Additionally many people have developed a dried out, hardened layer of mucus build up along the lining of the intestines, blocking nutrient absorption and preventing waste elimination. This mucus plaque also grows decompositional organisms in it that while serving the natural purpose of digesting this decaying mucus, are producing metabolic wastes that make you sick, tired and depressed.

The difference this kind of intestinal cleanse can make for you, is to restore your energy, cheerful nature, beautiful face and skin, get rid of any bad breath, get rid of acne, put a sparkle in your eye, restore your best sounding voice, lose your protruding belly if you have one and restore your desire to live a full life and to create your dreams and goals that you might have lost the energy to pursue.

An additional difference that this cleanse can make is to so successfully remove toxins from the liver. Which can result in restored immunity and elimination of allergies.

The ideal outcome is you will have more mental, physical and emotional energy to deal with life with more happiness in your heart, mind and body.

This cleanse was developed so that you have plenty of mental and physical energy the entire 10 days while drinking only fresh juices and water AND Consuming ThisUnique List Of Supplements! 

The Discovery That The Cell Is Immortal: “At all levels of organization, in the cell or man, physiological time depends on modification of the medium produced by nutrition, and on the response of the cells to those modifications. A cell colony begins to records time as soon as its waste products are allowed to stagnate, and thus to alter its surroundings. The simplest system, where the phenomenon of senescence is observed, consists of a group of tissue cells cultivated in a small volume of nutritive medium. In such a system, the medium is progressively modified by the products of nutrition and, in its turn, modifies the cells. Then appear senescence and death. The rhythm of physiological time depends on the relation’s between the tissues and their medium. It varies according to the volume, the metabolic activity, the nature of the cell colony, and the quantity, and the chemical composition of the fluid and gaseous media. The technique used in he preparation of a culture accounts for the rhythm of life of such culture. For example, fragments of heart fed with a single drop of plasma in the confined atmosphere of hollow slide, and another one immersed in a flask containing a large volume of nutritive fluids and gases, have quite different fates. The rate of accumulation of the waste products, determine the characteristics of the duration of the tissues. When the composition of the medium is maintained constant, the cell colonies remain indefinitely in the same state of activity. They record of time by quantitative and not by qualitative, changes. If, by an appropriate technique, their volume is prevented from increasing, they never grow old. Colonies obtained from ta heart fragment removed in January 1912, from a chick embryo, are growing as actively today as twenty-three years ago. In fact, they are immortal.”[1] 

The complete story of the chicken heart tissue is as follows. The tissue continued to divide into new cells showing no signs of aging for 28 years. It is rumored that one day the technician forgot to clean the fluid medium and the cells died. Either way the experiment showed that cells are immortal if two requirements are meet, complete nutrition and complete elimination of wastes. What better fluids to both nourish and cleanse the cells on a daily basis, than living vegetable and fruit juices? Maybe this is why of all the health gurus that have lived and died; that the longest lived, with the greatest health and the sweetest passing of merely dying in his sleep was, Dr. Norman Walker. Dr. Normal Walker lived to the age of 99 and was the modern day inventor of pressing vegetables and fruits into juices. He wrote the first and most inspiring book on juicing called “Fresh Vegetable and Fruit Juices”. 

The conditions inside the body are many times more complex than those of a test tube. Under ideal conditions, cells convert food into energy and the metabolic waste of the cell is shuttled through the lymph to the blood, to the kidneys, liver or lungs for excretion. If this system were to function in a perfect manner, then the cells would never age, your body would be immortal. However such is not the case, the body is not able to rid itself of these cellular wastes or the modifying effects they have on surrounding tissues. Hence if you want to insure that your body does stay as young as possible at the cellular level for as long as possible you must take it upon yourself to duplicate the conditions that Alexis Carrel created in the lab for the chicken heart tissue. 

What were those conditions? Complete Nutrition and Complete elimination of wastes. What can be done to give the cells complete nutrition, while giving completing cleansing of wastes? Obviously eating a cooked food diet will not work as, that is what you’ve been on and that is what is causing aging and disease. A raw food diet is mandatory to come close to this goal. But before starting a raw food diet you want to create a clean slate, a clean intestinal tract and tissue medium. By cleansing the whole body of all cellular wastes, the flow of electricity is restored and energy and good feelings return automatically. The most effective means of cleansing and nourishing the cells without leaving metabolic wastes is a Juice Fast, with supplementation with Barley grass juice powder, Perfect Amino, The Andreas Seed Oils and taking an intestinal cleanser like Puradyme cleanse caps. 

By consuming 3 pints or quarts a day of fresh vegetable and fruit juice, you can nourish, renew and cleanse the 37 trillion cells of your body. By taking 4 to 8 caps of Puradyme Cleanse Caps 3x per day for the first 10 days, you will cleanse out the digestive tract of old fecal matter. By taking Barley Max 1-2tsp – at breakfast and dinner per day, you are feeding your body a more concentrated protein and source of vitamins that do not block the cleansing process. By taking All Basic Plus or Super Sports, you are insuring that your mental functions continue with clarity and your blood sugar is kept stable. By adding the following Andreas Seed Oils to your fresh juices, your are feeding the body the exact oils needed to heal and repair the cells walls of your body and restore oxygen transfer abilities, heal inflammation, heal the brain and nervous system, promote your energy needs and detoxification of the body. By using Synergy One, you cause your cells to absorb amino acids and make proteins like they did 10 to 20 years ago. This translates into healing of all parts of your body, from joints, to discs, to muscles, tendons and organs. 

Depending upon appetite and digestive capacity, it may feel best to drink a quart of juice over 30 to 60 minutes. All Juice recipes can be found in the book: “Fresh Vegetable and Fruit Juices” By Norman Walker. This book describes the benefits of each fruit or vegetable juice and the therapeutic benefits of different juice combinations. There are combinations for dissolving gallstones, getting rid of hemorrhoids, supporting the adrenals, stopping a cold, supporting a woman’s nutritional needs during gestation and lactation and more. 

Dr. Norman Walker discovered that by combining specific vegetable juices, in certain ratios, there was a synergistic effect and his patients were able to get results that were entirely different from that of each juice separately and individually; and it is by the knowledge of these proper combinations that he had results that were unbelievable to those who lack this experience. 

How To Change The Quality of Your Blood: The quality of the blood is dependent upon the health of the tissues, for the blood is made from the tissues. Cleansing of the tissues via a 10 to 40 day juice fast will create a pure and powerful blood supply. When a juice fast with intestinal cleansing is done long enough, there can be a resurrection like effect. When all toxins are removed and cells are nourished via the juice, the flow of electricity returns. Energy returns, aches and pains are gone and flexibility has returned. In fact you can feel 10 to 20 years younger from a well-done juice fast. 

The Cumulative Benefits of Routine Fasting: Paul Bragg pioneered fasting on distilled water. His health was restored due to the supervised fasting he did as a boy under the guidance of Dr. August Rollier. After Paul Bragg recovered his health from fasting he, began a routine of fasting 7 to 10 days on water every three months. After 5 years on this program, on a 10-day water fast, he had a miracle happen. Here are his own words: 

“I was at my family’s old homestead in Virginia. On about the seventh day of a 10 day fast, I was out in a canoe on the river leisurely enjoying the sunshine and fresh air when suddenly, without warning, I doubled up with stomach craps. I thought I would never be able to stand the pain! With great effort I got ashore and then it happened. I had a terrific bowel evacuation! At the end of the evacuation, I felt a heavy, cool sensation in my rectum and out passed 1/3 of a cup of mercury from the toxic Calomel that I took in my childhood. 

That experience marked a new day in my entire physical structure. From that day on I knew what superior health meant! My Vital Force was increased so greatly with my program of eating natural living foods, fasting, sunshine and exercise that all my body cells rejoiced with my new Energy Power! With fasting I eliminated the drugs that were given to me in my youth.”[2] 

A High Source of Calcium: No vegetable contains as high a percentage of calcium as the juice of turnip leaves, the calcium being more than one-half of all the other minerals and salts combined. 

It is therefore a most excellent food for growing children and for anyone having softening of the bones in any shape or form, including the teeth. By combining the turnip leaf juice with carrot and dandelion juice, we obtain one of the most effective means of helping the hardening of the teeth as well as the entire bone structure of the body. The very high magnesium content of the dandelion together with the calcium in the turnip leaves and the elements in the carrot combine to give the bone structure firmness and strength. [3] 

How One Man Eliminated His Hemorrhoids In Three Weeks: Dr. Walker attributed hemorrhoids to the accumulation of inorganic calcium build up in the hemorrhoidal arteries and veins. Dr. Walker had a case history of a lawyer who had hemorrhoids that protruded from his bottom. He suffered to such a degree that he could not walk many blocks without having to stop in the first inconspicuous place to push them back into place. 

This lawyer had been drinking a variety of juices daily for many months without telling anyone of his main trouble. He modified his diet slightly, still eating his meat and potatoes, bread, doughnuts, and other injurious foods, with little or no apparent effect on his affliction. 

One day he wagered the owner of the juice bar, where he had become a regular customer, that no juice could help hemorrhoids. The owner asked that he drink two pints of a combination of carrot, spinach, and turnip and watercress juice daily, and follow a rigid raw vegetable and fruit diet and watch the results. 

In less than one month, this lawyer came to the juice bar, jubilant, after having been carefully examined by his physician who declared that there was no indication whatever of his hemorrhoids. 

This is not an isolated cased. This combination of juices has helped innumerable sufferers when then did adhere rigidly to the living vegetable and fruit diet.[4] 

A Rich Source of Sulfur: Watercress Juice is rich in sulfur, which represents more than one third of all the other mineral elements in watercress. Nearly 45% of the elements in watercress are acid forming, including sulfur, phosphorus, and chlorine. Watercress is a very powerful intestinal cleanser; it should never be taken alone, but should always be used with other juices, mixing it with for example carrot or celery.[5] 

A combination of carrot, spinach, turnip leaf and watercress juice, has the properties that help to dissolve the coagulated blood fibrin in hemorrhoids or piles, and many kinds of tumors. Two pints of this combination taken daily, when all flour and sugar products and preferably also meat, have been eliminated from the diet, have been found to dissolve these conditions in from one to six months in perfectly natural manner, provided that there has been no surgical interference, in which event it may take longer. 

Watercress Juice in combination with carrot, parsley potato juices has been able to help emphysema victims. The predominance of phosphorus and chlorine has proved to be beneficial. 

How Do You Get The Common Cold? Contrary to popular misconception, a cold or flu is not the result of catching a bacteria or virus. It is the result of cooked food toxins, built up in the body. Just like when you have a pile of plant or animal garbage in your yard, it attracts flies. These flies lay eggs that grow into maggots that feed on the garbage heap. The maggots are merely doing their assigned job of digesting and decomposing foods. So too, in the body virus, fungus and bacteria for the most part of dependent upon your body having cooked food toxins, metabolic wastes and environmental toxins building up in the tissues, before they will ever take over. They are nature’s janitors and will show up and multiply upon the dead food in the body. They produce acids and enzymes to digest and decompose these cooked food toxins, creating your cold or flu. 

If you want to avoid getting sick then make sure that you keep your colon clean and do a 7 to 10 day juice fast every 3 to 6 months. The frequency with which you need to do a juice fast is dependent upon how much cooked food you eat in your diet and how well your body detoxifies itself naturally. Only you know the answer to those two questions. But in short a 7 to 10 day long juice fast of the kind I’ve outlined here, once every 3 to 6 months would be a fantastic contribution to your health, longevity, mood and if you eat mostly raw foods, in between it can make you bullet proof from colds, flus and virtually all other diseases. 

In 1966 One Mother Gestated, Birthed and Lactated On a Diet of Hazelnuts, Fruits, Nuts, Honey and Vegetable and Fruit Juices: This mother had a good creamy milk supply for her infant boy and breastfed him for two and one half years. Eric started to eat solid food at 6 months of age and by age 3 was eating raw and dried fruits, fresh raw vegetables and their juices, nuts, seeds and honey. He was well balanced mentally, well developed physically and full of energy and curiosity. She thanks Dr. Norman Walker for his program. 

Do Fresh Vegetable and Fruit Juices Help Bones To Heal?: One case history goes that; a motorcycle bumped into Mom as she was crossing a street in Austria and all but severed her leg. By some miracle she was treated by one of the leading bone specialists in the area, and he succeeded in placing the terribly fragmented bones in position so that they had a chance to knit. 

Mom’s one idea was to get home as fast as she could resume her raw juices and foods, for she knew of so many cases where healing and been so wonderfully helped in this way. 

As soon as she arrived home the family started the flow of juices, with 4oz of wheat grass juice three times a day, carrot juice and an untold number of cups of comfrey tea both root and leaf. She also had extra help from a natural vitamin c, natural calcium and vitamin E. She had an abundance of organically grown peaches, pears, grapes, and apples to supplement our salads that fall and winter. Each afternoon she had a mixture of sunflower seeds and sesame seeds finely ground and mixed with honey and another cup of comfrey tea. 

After being in a cast for a few weeks the doctor wanted to admit her to the hospital as gangrene had set into the wound. After much persuasion he finally agreed to leave her home so long as the condition did not worsen, and that she be taken to the hospital for regularly change the dressing. 

The condition held its own for about three weeks; then there was a noticeable healing from the inside out. This was an unheard of occurrence since no wonder drugs had been used. Only live juices and foods supported the healing process. The condition continued to improve until no hospital visits were needed. 

Six months later when the cast came off, the nurses were astounded to find that there was no odor as is usual when a cast has been on for so long. When X-rays were checked, the small bones had knit but not the large one, so another long cast, was put on. The Doctor was quite certain that it could not heal and that a lot of grafting, both of bone and flesh, would have to be done because the break was so jagged, with the healing surface so large, and because so much bone marrow had been lost. 

The doctor used to tell the nurses, jokingly, that this was the lady who expected God and the greens to heal her, but when the cast was removed, two months later, with bones completely knit, the doctor was the most amazed! 

Now, twenty-one months after the accident, flesh is steadily filling in the scar. At first, there was literally just skin over bone. Now, Mom walks without the aid of a cane, goes to the health shop each day, and does her own shopping.[6] 

Do You or A Loved One Suffer From Gallstones? The Following Will Interest You: Taking the juice of one lemon with 2 oz. of warm water many times a day, supplemented with 2 oz. of the combination of carrot, beet and cucumber juice three or four times a day, has helped a great many suffers to experience the disappearance of both gravel and stones sometimes within a matter of a few days or a few weeks. 

One example is that of a businessman well into his forties. He suffered acute pains for more than twenty years. X-rays showed gallstones. His fear of surgery kept his gallbladder in him where it belongs. He learned about juice therapy and spoke with someone knowledgeable as to what he might do to help himself. 

He drank ten or twelve glasses of hot water with the juice of one lemon in each throughout the day and about three pints of carrot, beet and cucumber juice daily. On the second day he did have some terrific spasms of pain for 10 to 15 minutes each. By the end of the week the crisis arrived and for about half an hour he rolled on the floor in agony; but the pain suddenly left him and a short while afterward stones passed out in his stools and caused a reaction like mud in his urine. That evening he was a different man. The next day he took a long trip from New Your to Washington and on to Canada with Dr. Walker in his car, feeling 20 years younger and marveling at the simplicity of Nature’s miracles. 

This is not an isolated instance. Thousands the world over have testified with gratitude to the benefits derived from fresh-raw vegetable juices. 

The combination of carrot, beet and cucumber juice gives us one of the finest cleansing and healing aids for the gall bladder, liver kidneys and the prostate and other sex glands. 

It is essential to abstain from cooked meat when doing the natural healing method of juices. Eating cooked meat on a regularly basis puts too much uric acid and denatured proteins into the body and burdens the kidneys; liver and can contribute to constipation. During this time you are using juices to heal, you will need to use a raw mostly vegetarian diet. Using fruits, vegetables and there juices in abundance in combination with nuts, seeds, cottage cheese, ideally from grass-pastured cows. Also allowed is One World Whey, and Bravo Yogurt prepared from raw Goat or Cows milk. For ideas on salads download “Diet and Salad Suggestions” a book by Norman Walker. You can download the book here:


Why Supplements Alone Will Not Create The Health You Desire: It really is a fallacy to think your going to have ideal health restored simply from taking a few good supplements. Those few supplements are not able to create the entire liquid terrain around all the cells of your body. That is the job of the liquids you drink and the quality of the food you consume. If you use fresh living vegetable juices in your diet in abundance, you are promoting this ideal terrain for all the cells of your body. When adding supplements to the diet with a healthy fluid medium then the greatest results will be achieved. 

By supplying the body an abundance of live food atoms found in fresh living juices you are supporting the body’s ability to regenerate itself back to a state of greater youth. 

How I Discovered Juicing and My Miracle: In 1976 two large mercury/copper fillings were installed into my teeth in one day. This was in addition to a previous 7, making a total of 9. According to university studies done by Dr. Chew, over the first two years after placement, mercury amalgams release bout 34 micrograms of mercury per filling (per square centimeter of filling exposed) per day.[7] That means that my GI tract and lungs were being exposed to approximately 3638 micrograms per day of mercury. Mercury kills nerves on contact see this YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VImCpWzXJ_w. Mercury comes off the teeth in high amounts even after 25 years, watch this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9ylnQ-T7oiA&t=2s. So the mercury that got into my intestines killed a percentage of the intestinal nerves, enough to cause 24 years of severe chronic constipation. 

The day I got all these fillings, I got very sick with sore throat that would not go away. I was put on antibiotics for 20 days. After all this my elimination, which had been 100% normal up to this time, become constipated. For 4 + years I lived with this compromised situation and began to experiment with diet and fasting at this time. To compensate for very little elimination, I ate very little and was a vegan vegetarian. By 1980 in my 6-month into college I woke up feeling like a tank had rolled over me in the night. I woke up feeling like I’d lost 75% of my energy. I’d lost all motivation to learn and stay in school. In a daze I returned home to live with my mother. In hindsight I now know that this was a serve case of Adrenal Exhaustion caused by mercury poisoning and semi starvation for four years. 

After resting a bit I started to work for a friend who owned his own construction business. The first day of working for him I was so tired, I had no appetite so I skipped lunch and I napped in a field. After my lunch nap I got up and starting to use the circular saw to cut some two by fours. With a weak grip I held the two by four and started to rip cut the 2 x 4, the saw kicked back and cut my left thumb off. My left thumb was only holding on by a piece of skin. I was taken to the hospital. After a 3-hour wait, I was admitted and the thumb was sewn back on. I lost the ability to bend my thumb, but a least I can use it to tie my shoelace or type. I went through one year of attempts at reconstructive surgery that did not work. During this time I was introduced to a book on juice fasting with intestinal cleansing. Since I had around $240 a month coming in from workmen’s compensation, I was able to buy the fresh juices I needed and preform and 10 day juice fast with intestinal cleanse. 

I drank two quarts per day of carrot juice and one quart per day of grape juice. In addition I took wheatgrass and beet juice tablets and mixed liquid clay with psyllium into a portion of my juice with water. This mixture of liquid clay with psyllium would act like a broom and magnet to pull the lining of old mucus and fecal matter out of my colon. On days 5 through 8 old tire rubber like fecal matter came out of my bowels. I felt reborn and Happy to be alive again! And even though this did not yet cure my chronic constipation, it was a far better state to be in. 

All the toxins were now out of my intestines and out of my blood. I felt sunny inside and a strong sense of peace and love. For years I looked for inner peace in books and the Bible and could not find it. Now in 10 days of juice fasting and purification, I was given it. Simply by living in harmony with Gods dietary laws, the gift of happiness had returned to me. 

It is my strong contention that by merely fasting on juices and the correct supplements and by cleansing the intestines, and detoxifying all cellular toxins, you can convert a depressed person into a happy person; you can convert a crazy person into a sane person; and you can convert someone who causes harm into someone who only wants to be constructive. Here is a quote from Jesus on healing a crazy person that the Disciples could not heal; “And when he (Jesus) was come into the house, his disciples asked him privately, why could not we cast him out? And Jesus said unto them, this kind can come forth by nothing, but by prayer and fasting.” Mark 9:28,29.

The Best Juicers To Use: The best juicer that gets the juice out without heat or oxidation is the Greenstar Elite and the Slowstar. The Greenstar is the best juicer to juice vegetables with. The Slowstar is the best juicer to juice fruits with. Either juicer will work to juice both fruits and vegetables, but if you were going to get only one juicer, then the Greenstar Elite would be the better choice. I have both, because I prefer the quicker easier and more effective means of juicing the pectin rich fruits in the Slowstar and the Vitamin, Antioxidant rich vegetables in the Greenstar. 

Drink 16 to 32 ounces or more of fresh vegetable 2x per day and fruit juice 1x per day. An example of one of the juice blends in the book is Formula #2 Carrot 7oz, Celery 4 oz., Parsley 2oz., Spinach 3oz. Double these amounts to make 32 oz. The suggested fruit juices can be whatever is in season, grape, apple etc. It is a must for you to get “Fresh Vegetable and Fruit Juices. What’s Missing In Your Body”. The juice formulas will make your cleansing and rebuilding more effective. 

Take the following supplements to insure you have energy and can continue to work if you need to. Too often people cannot do a juice fast because they cannot take time off from work and need the energy from eating to remain productive. With this program you can have the energy you need to work, while you detoxify and grow younger. Drink pure water in between juices. 

The amount of juice you drink ideally should be 3 or more quarts a day of fresh vegetable and fruit juice, 2/3rds should be vegetable and 1/3 fruit juice. All Seed Oils recommended are the Andreas Brand. 

7-10 Day Juice Fast Supplement Instructions: 

The Following Are Optional But Good To Take If You Are Particularly Weak.

Bravo Probiotic Yogurt Is Essential To Take After The Juice Cleanse

  • Bravo Probiotic Yogurt: Make your own Bravo Probiotic Yogurt from grass pastured cow or goats milk. Instructions for making yogurt are here (or call our office and we’ll send by email). Use 2 tablespoons to ¼ cup at the end of breakfast and dinner. Do this after your 7-10 juice and intestinal cleanse. Bravo Probiotic is 42 strains of beneficial bacteria and yeasts that like in the human GI tract. Making yogurt from these probiotics produces a unique, super potent food that nourishes and rebuilds the GI tract. Helping to eliminate leaky gut and restoring ideal immunity in the gut. These probiotics migrate up to the brain and cause brain growth and brain chemistry. One boy with autism was normal after 3 months on yogurt made from these probiotics.


Listen to your body. You may be able to go all 10 days. However if your body feels a real strong hunger by the 7th day, then resume eating on the evening of the 7th day or the morning of the 8th. Your body will tell you when you need to resume eating. Eat some fruit and some salad the first few days to insure you bowels move well fairly quickly.

[1] Man The Unknown, Alexis Carrel

[2] The Miracle of Fasting; by Paul and Patricia Bragg

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Six Health Benefits From Broccoli Seed Extract, That You Probably Don’t Know About


The Power In Broccoli Sprouts Is Found In Sulforaphane:

Sulforaphane supports

  1. The elimination of H. Pylori
  2. Activation of cells self defense via glutathione and other antioxidants produced.
  3. This would also activate phase two liver detoxification
  4. Acts as an anti-inflammatory agent
  5. Inhibition of Cancer Stem Cells
  6. Studies on Autistic children show improvements with Sulforaphane supplementation 

Screen Shot 2016-10-26 at 1.58.51 PM

Cancer stem cells have been defined as cells within the tumor that possess the ability to not die when exposed to chemotherapy or radiation. Tumor cells die upon exposure to chemotherapy or radiation but cancer stem cells do not. Cancer stem cells are what cause the creation of the tumor. So even after the chemotherapy radiation or surgery removes all tumors, the prevalence of reoccurrence of a tumor is very high, because the cancer stem cells have evaded chemotherapy, surgery or radiation. Therefore getting rid of cancer stem cells is now understood to be part of a 100% solution to cancer. 

Cancer Stem cells have been identified in blood, breast, brain, colon, melanoma, pancreatic, prostate, ovarian, lung cancers and so on. 

There is increasing awareness that cancer stem cells represent a significant challenge to effective treatment of cancer as they are resistant to current clinical drugs. Sulforaphane inhibits breast and prostate Cancer Stem Cells production. 

Vitalica Plus ™ uses only its very own-patented “Hopkins” variety broccoli seed extract to ensure the highest concentration of Sulforaphane glucosinolate levels. Sulforaphane activates your body’s ability to eliminate toxins (pollution, hormones, pesticides) and protect your DNA. 

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Vitalica Plus ™ is for anyone young or old and mostly to support those who are dealing with chronic or acute health challenges, family history of serious health issues, even children with health challenges can take Vitalica Plus ™ 

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