Relieve Bone Loss & Arterial Plaque Without Drugs


Imagine never having to worry about a hip fracture or tooth loss. Or imagine never having to worry about a heart attack or stroke; with the following information that is now possible

Inadequate calcium intake can lead to decreased bone mineral density, which can increase the risk of bone fractures. Supplemental calcium in the correct form promotes bone mineral density and strength and can prevent osteoporosis. Recent scientific evidence, however, suggests that elevated consumption of bio-unavailable calcium supplements may raise the risk for heart disease and can be connected with accelerated deposit of calcium in blood-vessel walls and soft tissues.

In contrast, vitamin K2 (MK7) is associated with the inhibition of arterial calcification and arterial stiffening. An adequate intake of vitamin K2has been shown to lower the risk of vascular damage because it activates matrix GLA protein (MGP), which inhibits and can reverse the deposits of calcium on the walls. Vitamin K2 is nearly nonexistent in junk food, with little being consumed even in a healthy Western diet. Vitamin K2 deficiency results in inadequate activation of MGP, which greatly impairs the process of calcium removal and increases the risk of calcification of the blood vessels. An increased intake of vitamin K2 could be a means of removing calcium already deposited in the arteries, joint and other soft tissues.

Kaneki and colleagues have shown that increased consumption of MK-7 leads to more activated osteocalcin (bone protein), which is linked to increased bone formation and bone mineral density and, therefore, a lower risk of hip fracture. Those results were confirmed in a 3-year study with 944 women aged 20 to 79 years, which showed that intake of MK-7-rich natto was associated with the preservation of bone mineral density. [1]

Gum recession, loose teeth and tooth loss is a direct result of bone loss of the jawbone. You can reverse bone loss and gum recession and keep your teeth, even in when you’re over 100 years of age.

K2 has been proven to remove calcium from the arteries and restore flexibility.

In addition to using K2 and Vitamin D in your diet for bone and heart health, clinically it has been observed that a person needs to maintain a salvia pH of 7 to 7.4. This is the ideal saliva pH as based upon the cell culture work of Royal Rife. Royal Rife discovered that no pathogen could grow in a pH of 7. But if the pH were below 7 or acidic, then the pathogen would grow. Calcium plays a dominate role is maintaining an alkaline pH. However soil and food supplies of enough calcium continue to be too low to overcome the tendency to an acid body pH. The acid body pH threatens the blood pH, which must be maintained in the 7.35 to 7.45 range for you to stay alive. And acidic blood will cause death in a short time. It rarely occurs, but diabetics can go into a state of diabetic acidosis, a coma and die from this acid pH they are very prone to. Various means of intervention to maintain an alkaline pH have been devised. Such as Alkaline Ionized Water, Coral Calcium, Green Vegetable Juices, Barely Grass Juice powder, Baking Soda, Megahydrate, Mt. Capra Mineral Whey, etc. However in my many years of nutritional work, the most effective means bringing your body pH back to 7 to 7.4 is to take “Lime Water” and “Cal-II”. These forms of calcium are very alkaline and can neutralize enough acid in the body, the shift the body and salvia pH back to 7-7.4 in as little as 24 hours.

Another benefit of taking these forms of calcium is an increase in energy. This increase in energy occurs because the interaction of an alkaline with an acid releases energy. Think of mixing baking soda with vinegar and you get fizzing bubbles. This is a powerful release of energy. So too this occurs in your body.

Bone loss is directly associated with an acid body pH. In an effort to maintain the body and blood in the correct alkaline pH range, the body dissolves bone to get the calcium into the bloodstream. This calcium neutralizes acids in the body and thus maintains homeostasis. pH determines oxygen levels. An alkaline pH insures you have optimal oxygen levels and oxygen transfer. Oxygen transfer is the ability of oxygen to transfer from the red blood cells and into the tissues. If you are acidic you have lower oxygen levels and oxygen does not transfer as well into the cells, instead it remains bound to the red blood cells. Higher oxygen levels are protective of cancer and all disease. Therefore, in an effort to maintain ideal health or create dense bones, then taking the right forms of calcium to maintain an alkaline body and saliva pH is essential.

It is very useful to have a 14 foot roll of pH paper on hand at all times to see where you are at. You need a 2-inch strip to spit on to see the pH. For 3 days test your Urine and Saliva pH between in the morning before you eat or brush your teeth or drink anything other than water. Take the average of these 3 days, and you’ll know your average pH.

Proof You Can Reverse Your Arterial Plaque:

Ron Poelstra
is a client of ours who had a 70% occluded carotid artery diagnosis at one time. Consulted with Nutripath, Stephen Heuer. Ron adhered to more of a raw diet and much of some of the supplementation advice Stephen gave him. In 12 months his arteries were 100% clear again.



Proof You Can Restore Normal Bone Density:

Pam Bagley,
had osteopenia and got on a combination of supplements recommended by Nutripath, Stephen Heuer, including vitamins A, D and K2. MK7 is the best form of K2 to take. After one week on the supplements she had a great increase in energy. After two months on the supplements she got tested again and had no osteopenia. In the testimony she mentions products we have replaced with better ones or Synergy One, which was formerly called Chrysalis.



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Doctors Claim New Miracle Growth Factor Reverses Aging Process – Can Prolong Life To A Healthy 105


No harmful side effects …as safe as vitamin C.

In the early 90’s a patented amino acid complex was injected into men with an average age of 71. While the control group got a placebo. At the end of the study the men that got the amino acid complex had reversed in age by 10 to 20 years. Those that got the placebo had no age reversal, making this the first patented substance to reverse the aging process.

Advances were made, making it possible to absorb this amino acid complex through the mouth, via an advanced delivery system. Synergy One supplies this amino acid complex in an oral spray. It activates a cascade of IGF-1 production, causing the tissues of the body to absorb amino acids and produce protein like they did when you were 10 to 20 years younger. This is the key to healing. Would you rather mask your pain with anti-inflammatories or make new tissues so the pain goes away permanently? Simply, spray into the cheek area of the mouth and hold 90 seconds before swallowing.

Major multi-year long studies prove that increasing the body’s number one growth factor IGF-1 produces the following benefits:

CLINICALLY PROVEN RESULTS: Synergy One contains 2000 ng/ml of an amino acid complex we call Growth Factor (GF). It was tested on men and women over 6 months time to see how much of an increase in IGF-1 and other benefits would occur. Here are the results.

That’s a 102% increase in IGF-1 for Women and a 109% increase in 1GF-1 for Men over a 6 months period of time. Men and Women administered 3 sprays of Synergy One in the cheek area of the mouth at bedtime and upon arising. The net results for both men and women was:

Notable increases in:

- Mental stability
- Muscle accretion
- Weight reduction
- Higher energy
- Elevated libido
- Skin rejuvenation
- Reacquired hair color and density
- No adverse side affects were noted in either placebo or test groups
- 194 of the original 200 patients successfully completed the 6-month study


Dosage of 2000 ng/ml of amino acid complex (GF) in a plant-based polymer matrix encapsulation is an effective method for promoting the rejuvenation of cellular tissues when used sublingually in an oral application
Test group subjects showed significant improvements in serum levels of IGF- 1 and HDL
Test group subjects showed significant decreases in serum levels of LDL and triglycerides
Test subjects showed no negative serum readings in liver or kidney enzymes
Test subjects reported no negative side effects

The Way It Works!

The body has the highest concentration of IGF-1 and other growth factors between the ages of 18 and 28. After age 28, all growth factors begin to decline. By introducing the patented amino acid complex, you trigger an increased production of IGF-1. IGF-1 is the body’s number one repair hormone. IGF-1 is the key that docks onto the cells surface, opens the pores so amino acids can enter the cell. Once amino acids enter the cell, tissue repair occurs throughout the entire body. Nearly every cell of the body has a receptor site for IGF-1. Once IGF-1 levels are high enough, you can dramatically improve the repair of all tissues.

Contrary to what some people teach, IGF-1 does not promote cancer. Instead it promotes healthy liver function and immunity, which makes your body more competent to prevent or eradicate cancer. In a 3 year long study of over 800 people over 40 years of age receiving shots of this patented amino acid complex to increase IGF-1; no one came down with cancer, which is unheard of in a study of this size, age group and duration.

In one instance of a man with prostate cancer and a PSA of 50 to 60 (normal is 0 to 4), he was put onto this amino acid complex injectably, DHEA and melatonin. His PSA came down to 5 to 7 range.

According to Pharmacia Upjohn, cell culture studies show the IGF-1 does not cause cell mutations. Studies on older mice given this amino acid complex and increasing IGF-1 showed they functioned like younger mice. It is believed that the reason diet restricted mice live longer and have less cancer, has to do with the natural increase in the production of IGF-1 while fasting. Lastly you produce the most IGF-1 in your 20’s, and this is the time that you are the most protected from diseases of all types.

In order for Synergy One to be effective insulin levels must be low at the time of taking. This means you need to allow 3 hours after dinner or more before taking. Then take Synergy One when you first wake up in the morning, which could be 4 am or 6 am and take 3 sprays again. Insulin blocks the benefits of IGF-1. It is best taken 6 months on and 1 month off, repeating this pattern. Results are cumulative and at 6 months there will be more results than at 2 months.

Proof Synergy One Works:

Discs Thicken & Out of Pain: Joyce Williams; After suffering from daily with 3 herniated discs for 2 years and being told that surgery was the only way to get me back on my feet, I began taking Synergy One, in 4 months, X-rays showed the beginning of disc regeneration and reversal of osteoporosis. I’ve been completely pain free ever since.

Restored Inner Drive For Senior: Joseph Rossi: I’m 78 years young. After only one month on Synergy One, I’m having remarkable results. I sleep soundly through the night. During the day I find I have a tremendous inner drive, with unbounded energy. Something I have not enjoyed for a number of years.

Accelerated Healing: Ben: I am 53 years old and for 30 years I have been an avid weight lifter. My life changed this last July, went I was sidelined with a shoulder injury. I was told that I had a tear that would require surgery. I heard an ad of a man with a similar injury that was healed through the use of Synergy One. So I ordered the product. Within a week of using Synergy One, I was given a green light to return to light workouts. I see improvements each time I step into the gym. I will continue to use Synergy One and will encourage others to do so. I am amazed and grateful for this product.

Depression and Energy Lifted: Connie: Before stating my nutritional program with Synergistic Nutrition. My energy had fallen so low that I was depressed and had actually lost my desire for living and despite my efforts; I couldn’t seem to pull myself out of it. Within 2 hours of taking Synergy One, my energy was completely restored. It was suddenly inconceivable to me that just the day before I had been living without hope. I am so grateful that I found this product exactly when I needed it the most.

Louis Rogers Gets Off Dialysis While On Synergy One
(formerly Chrysalis).



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