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The History of Knock Out Pain Cream
Our Universe is made up of energy. Every living thing is composed of millions of atoms that vibrate at specific speeds. For thousands of years, many cultures have used this understanding of energy to heal patients. Pain and other physical ailments are caused by blockages, depletions or excesses in the energy matrix of an organic being. Healers--people with the ability to heal with their hands--have the ability to act as conductors for what is often referred to as the "universal energy" or "light energy", which is everywhere around us in electromagnetic form. Since 1957 it has been hypothesized that certain signals could influence an afflicted patient, and that healers conduct this signal through their body and hands to stabilize energetic disturbances and cure disorders. Knock Out Pain Cream, was created through a synthesis of both ancient and modern healing techniques.


The Process
A perfect array of these healing electronic signals are imposed upon finely powdered kaolin clay and a co-polymer gel. This high-grade mixture is attuned with pressurization, electrostatic charge, and high frequency sound waves in a temperature-controlled environment. The method imposes an electromagnetic field richly saturated with pain-releasing energy. This unique formula can then be applied topically to various areas of injury or pathology on human, plant or animal systems, resulting in a very high success rate with a wide variety of medical challenges.


How It Works
Knock Out Pain Cream restores balance in your body through the infusion of highfrequency sound waves. The waves work with the energy fields in your body to restore order. The product has been resonated or charged with high-frequency sound waves, we call signals. We subject a geometric array of these signals onto substrates that have the capacity to not only absorb but to also hold and carry the resonate. Knock Out Pain Cream holds this signal indefinitely. This may be "the greatest health breakthrough in decades". The improvements in health that people are getting with the Knock Out Pain Cream is astonishing.



How Knock Out Pain Cream Helps the Body to Heal Itself
You have the genius within your body. It was created to heal itself with a complete healing factory just waiting to be activated. Your body knows exactly how to orchestrate its own healing. It knows how to eliminate disease, how to increase energy, how to boost the immune system, how to banish pain, and even how to live longer. Every cell in your body has the programming software to repair itself. The harmonious electronic signal within the Knock Out Pain Cream brings the body to a higher level energetically-to activate this powerful healing factory-so the body can heal itself. Knock Out Pain Cream helps restore the natural healthy order to your body's condition on an atomic level.


APPLICATION: Uncap the tube and squeeze out a small amount of Knock Out Pain Cream.


Apply directly to affected area. Rub evenly into area of pain until dry.


All articles and information regarding any of the products on this site are for educational purposes only and have not been evaluated by the FDA. They are not intended to diagnosis, treat or cure and disease.


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Knock Out Pain Cream


Under two years of age consult your physician.

Do not use on open wounds. Avoid contact with eyes. Do not take internally.

Main Ingredients: Kaolin Clay in a hypoallergenic Polymer Gel

Suggested use: Squeeze out approximately 1/4" of formula to emerge from tube. Apply to affected area. Rub evenly into area of pain until dry and then slightly beyond.

A Homeopathic Remedy.

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Neck Pain Goes Away and Saves Money On Not Needing To See Chiropractor:

My husband and I recently tried your Knock Out Pain Cream and we both had good results. I have a weakness in my neck area from a car accident. About once a month I have neck pain and the only thing that has ever helped is going to the chiropractor and getting an adjustment. If I don't go, it often results in an awful headache. To my surprise, the Knock Out Pain Cream took away the headache and my neck seemed just fine, no adjustment required. The product has already paid for itself.


Jodi L, San Diego




Third Degree Burn Pain Go Away:

I endured some third degree burns on my hand and wrist, which resulted in skin grafts than were taken from my upper leg (equivalent to a second degree burn). I was experiencing much pain due to this procedure, and that's when Stephen suggested I try this cream. Within ten minutes my pain was just about gone. Then, with continued use just over a brief time, I had no more pain and the area was totally healing. It's a phenomenal product that I highly recommend!


Sincerely, Rita Cash Wilkes, SC