One World Whey Protein Power Food Strawberry (5 LB)

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* It has just come to our attention that there is a discrepancy between what the One World Whey label says and what has been found from the recent laboratory analysis. The analysis’s show that One World Whey has 68 to 72 more calories (depending upon flavor) from carbohydrate and 64 less calories from protein than what the label says. We are working to correct this matter.

The next batch of One World Whey is presently being correctly formulated to provide what is indicated on the supplements facts panel.

For those of you who’re ordering our still effective and beneficial product, we’re enclosing a printed label and ingredients information with your order, which is also available on this page and providing a 25% discount, already reflected in our final price.

This affects only lot numbers CH4692, CH4677, VA4692, VA4677, ST4692, ST4677 and NA4692, NA4677.


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Our One World Whey is the first, 100% UNHEATED, cold temperature processed, 100% all natural, unrefined, bio-active, grass pasture raised milk-whey protein. ***PRODUCT SHIPS IN MAXIMUM BOX OF 6*** For orders greater than a quantity of 6, an additional shipping fee will need to be collected as it will be a separate package to ship. We recommend placing multiple orders if you wish to order larger quantities.

One World Whey Protein Power Food Strawberry  (5 LB)

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Flavors Strawberry


Eliminate Deadly Toxins, Boost Powerful Antioxidant Levels, Outsmart Disease  More with this Powerful Whey Protein 


One World Whey Protein Powder

  • Feel Energy Levels Soar
  • Boost Brain Function & Mood
  • Increase Master Antioxidant Levels
  • Eliminate Harmful Radiation & Chemtrails
  • Experience Faster Recovery from Exercise
  • Eliminate Inflammation Throughout Your Body
  • Detoxify Heavy Metals & Other Harmful Toxins
  • Dramatically Increase Athletic Endurance & Performance

"The results show that dietary supplementation with a

whey-based product can increase glutathione levels."

"By giving us what we need for peak glutathione production, it can  help us fight fatigue, boost energy, maintain healthy weight and greatly improve health on all levels." - Dr. Stephen Langer on Non-Denatured Whey



What Makes One World WheyTM the Best?


  • Our Proprietary Process Produces a Completely Non-denatured (Undamaged) Whey, Far Superior to Any Other Whey on The Market 
  • Our Whey Comes from the Milk of Grass-Fed Cows Raised on Pesticide-Free & Herbicide-Free Amish Farms. No Hormones or Steroids are ever administered to our cows.
  • All-Natural, Whole Food Ingredients, Nothing Artificial, Non-GMO 
  • Cold-Processing Means Undamaged Proteins & Amino Acids Readily Available to the Body, Complete with Vital Cofactors
  • It's delicious! Even Kids Love the Taste. Really.



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One World Whey Protein Powder

Made from the world's finest ingredients. TruCool™ unrefined, bio-active whey protein concentrate from grass pasture cows, (flavors of either – Choc. Van. Straw), maltose, dextrose, xanthan gum.

<p>"During the past 30 years, I've tried a half dozen or so whey protein products. One World Whey is the first one in which I noticed a discernible difference. It not only tastes better than any other vanilla whey I've used, but it actually made me feel better. This difference became even more dramatic when I ran out and had to substitute another popular whey protein product. Most people know how beneficial whey protein powder is. What more people need to know is how much more beneficial One World Whey is. It is by far the best I've ever tried. I will never let myself run out of it again." - Rich Maender</p>

<p>&nbsp;</p><p>"I just received my One World Whey canister. First, it arrived in 2 days- phenomenal! Today was my third day on 1 scoop. Oddly-though maybe not to you-something remarkable has happened, which is why I wrote. I generally suffer through an asthmatic breathing type situation. My breathing is shallow and generally constricted in the nose and lungs; could be allergies, reflux, lazy digestion, IBS, etc. Today I have tremendous energy and also notice my breathing is FREE. I can feel the air in my left nostril and it is free all the way to my abdomen. This is pretty remarkable, because I rarely get that feeling. I also noticed my lungs and voice feel unrestricted. At this point the new introduction to my routine was the! My concoction was 8 oz of milk blended with a banana, blueberries, system raw cocoa, 1 egg and then I mix in the whey by hand..... Other than a stunning sense of awe.....should I go to 2 scoops for even better effect? As always...thanks." -Bill Obrien</p>