Unheated Grass Fed Whey Protein Powder: The Secret To Unlocking The Door To Your Personal Health Freedom

Detoxification is at the heart of healing. Most all-chronic degenerative disease has at its roots toxicity. Resurrecting the body’s production of glutathione is a dynamic key to cellular and whole body detoxification. Using Unheated Whey Protein Powder is a superfood that delivers the key amino acid cysteine. Once the cells receive this rate limiting amino acid cysteine and it combines with the abundantly available glutamic acid and glycine, intracellular glutathione is made. Glutathione then goes to work to grab onto mercury, heavy metals and virtually all toxins. Glutathione neutralizes these toxins and free radicals, thereby stopping cell damage, thereby helping you to look and feel younger. Once cells are detoxified they have nothing to interfere with their functioning. Once functioning optimally, you in turn start to feel happy to be alive again. The natural result of a detoxified body and proper nourishment is happiness.

Of all the whey protein powder products on the market we’ve investigated, all of them have been heated. Heat is the very thing that unfolds proteins, and bends and twists amino acids into shapes the body cannot use. It is like asking a brink layer to build a brick wall with bent or twisted bricks. It cannot be done. The brick layer will have to sift through the pallet of bricks to find the 30% or so that are not bent or twisted. The work site becomes filled with bent or twisted bricks, the brick layer has to work three times as hard to get to the usable bricks and clean up the job site afterwards of the bent and twisted bricks. This is called denaturing, or simply damaged amino acids. To preserve liquid whey’s protein and amino acid integrity it must be dried without any heat. One Wrold Whey is the ONLY!! unheated whey protein powder on the market. Despite all claims from every other manufacturer, thus far, no one has produced an unheated product but us. Now after two years of using One World Whey in my practice I’m amazed at the power of this gift of nature.

The magical properties of Whey are not so much in the liquid but in the ability of the amino acids to fuel repair and of the amino acid cysteine to fuel the production of glutathione. It is the awesome detoxification power of glutathione that gives unheated Grass Fed Whey Protein Powder its primary power. Properly prepared whey is a superfood and deserves front stage attention by all people wanting to create or maintain health in our very toxic world.

Since the human body is 75% protein by dry weight, the dominant nutrient needed to support repair and maintenance is amino acids. Since cooking destroys a large percentage of amino acids, creates free radicals, causes inflammation and stresses the body for an increased need of metabolic and digestive enzymes; it is imperative that an ongoing generous supply of usable amino acids are daily supplied to the body, to compensate for this. The most easily digested and quickest to raise amino acid levels in the blood is whey. Thus, the number one protein to supplement your diet with is whey for the creation or maintenance of health.

To consume One World Whey means that you will use up to 100% of these amino acids. This means you will need far less protein from other sources. If you replace one to two thirds of your animal protein intake with whey, that means you save a lot of money on not having to buy chicken, fish, beef, lamb or pork. That savings alone will make One World Whey a much more economical choice for your overall food expenses.


A Truly Raw Whey Protein Powder

Our One World Whey™ is the first ever, 100% UNHEATED, cold temperature processed, 100% all natural, unrefined, bioactive, grass pasture raised milk-whey protein. But that’s just the beginning. Far from being another ordinary “protein supplement,” taken to meet your daily nutrition needs or develop some extra muscle, One World Whey™ is a full spectrum natural nutrition powerfood in and of itself – providing overall life-building benefits that touch virtually every human’s life that other protein supplements cannot. Additionally, due to all of the amino acids arriving to your body in their 100% non-denatured, 100% usable state, the overall support to repair of your body is dramatically improved.

For instance it has been shown that when you get 8 to 16 grams of Leucine into your body per day, that you activate the mTOR (Mammalian Target of Rapamycin) mechanism. This mechanism  causes protein to be created and builds your muscle.

If you tried to get 8 grams of Leucine from other food sources, you’d have to eat:

  • a pound and a half of chicken
  • three pounds of pork
  • more than 1 pound of almonds (over 3000 calories)
  • 16 eggs
  • ½ pound of raw cheddar cheese

With our non-denatured One World Whey, you only need 3.15 scoops to get 8 grams of non-denatured Leucine. We have many customer reports now of increases in muscle and fat loss all without any additional exercise from using our One World Whey. Other whey proteins are damaged by heat and filtration, thus you loose a lot of usable amino acids. With other whey protein powders you’ll need perhaps one and one half to two times the amount of whey to get the same amount of usable Leucine. Yet by doing this you will also be burdening your liver and kidneys with the work of filtering the toxic, unusable damaged amino acids. You will also be spending a lot more to get the same effect.

What Are The Benefits?

  • Supports the immune system
  • Helps raise antioxidant Glutathione promoting neutralization of free radicals
  • Helps detoxify unhealthy fat and thereby eliminate body fat
  • Dramatically supports muscle growth
  • Supports increases in strength and energy
  • Supports normal blood sugar and insulin production
  • Supports a feeling of well being
  • Supports athletic endurance and recovery from workouts
  • Helps invalids gain back lost muscle
  • Helps children with growth
  • Helps childern and adults with optimal brain function
  • Helps eliminate inflammation and the pain it is causing
  • Natures most powerful food for detoxification of heavy metals, chemicals, drugs and radiactive fallout

Who Is It For?

Executives, busy or stressed people, office workers, childern, students, teachers, seniors, people recovering from illness, construction and trade workers, and of course high performance athletes. Anyone desiring a happier, healthier life will benefit from One World Whey™.

Retaining the Nutritional Power Structure

All molecules that make up all foods have a shape that natures gives them. Their is an intelligence behind every living thing and this intelligence organizes the plant or animal into its most ideal expression. When you heat a food beyond 118 degrees you begin to disassemble the structure that nature gave this food. When you heat a food to normal cooking tempertures you disassemble and change the shaps of the molecules so much that it has lost all the organization  that nature gave it to make it a living substance. This loss of life, intelligence and shape has a dramatically destructive effect upon the human body. It is now well known and well observed that raw food imparts life and health to the body and cooked and dead food imparts disease and death to the body. One World Whey is now the first ever whey protein powder that retains much of the life giving properties of fresh raw whey.

Pure, Natural, Raw Protein Power

One World Whey™ is a protein powerfood because it is the first and only whey protein cool-dried to preserve the protein structures in their biologically active forms. Once exposed to heat, these immune factor proteins and all other proteins change their shape. This shape change destroys their effectiveness as immune support or body-building properties. This shape change is called “denaturing,” which means damaged. One World Whey™ brings you the living properties that’s naturally contained in raw grass pasture liquid whey – not the same old heat-refined whey protein that virtually all other protein marketers and manufacturers sell to unsuspecting consumers.

Biological Activity

We have been able to retain the complete range of biological activity and composition of the health-giving whey protein factors as they are found in nature (i.e., lactalbumins, lactoglobulins, lactoferrins, glycomacropeptides, amino peptides, etc.) so that the resulting protein is perfectly balanced, undamaged, and abundant in life-promoting growth factors and amino acids – such as cysteine – and other essential nutrients that are commonly lost or degraded in conventional processing. Cysteine combines with richly available amino acids glycine and glutamate inside the cell to produce glutathione. Glutathione is one of the body’s most important antioxidants. It is essential to the liver and entire body for the detoxification of heavy metals or any other toxins. Glutathione binds to heavy metals inside the cells and elsewhere and carries them out of the body. It is also essential for the immune system, and it delays muscular fatigue during exercise. What this means to you is not only enhanced lean muscle growth, enhanced immunity and youthful cellular regeneration, but also improved digestion and assimilation, along with the opportunity to remain healthier and younger – longer.

All Natural TruCool™

Whey protein as a food and food supplement can be incredibly nourishing, but only if its great power is harnessed into its most natural and unrefined form. With our industry-first, all natural TruCool™ formulation process, we have accomplished this mighty achievement. Our natural food scientists have discovered how to retain the natural power and maximize bioavailability utilizing our exclusive all natural TruCool™ 7-step formulation process. TruCool™ is a powerful reason why One World Whey™ is the ultimate life and bodybuilding supplement. Why would you trust your life and health to anything less? Beginning with the finest all natural grass-pasture milk, our microbialsafe cold pasteurization process, unique separation of the milk whey portion, specialized protein concentration, as well as our low-oxygen vacuum process environment from start to finish and the highest quality GMP – certified packaging – our industry first TruCool™ formulation process results in a totally unrivaled protein supplement for bringing whey protein’s incredible natural power to you.

Price and Value

If your main concern is finding the cheapest priced whey protein, then you won’t find it in One World Whey™. However, what you will find is the finest whey protein by any measure that is by far the best priced and most superior value for your money as compared to any protein supplement in the marketplace. One World Whey™ is the incredible result of over 30 years of passion that brings you a new world of health possibilities through a great tasting, naturally healthy protein power food that can never be duplicated.

One World + the Number 1 Whey = One World Whey Protein™

One World Whey™ richly provides many broad-spectrum life and total body building benefits and valuable nutritional aspects that so many of our customers have come to believe in. We believe you will, too.

Since All Other Whey Proteins Powders Are Denatured By Heat Sterilization, One World Whey Is In A Category All By Itself. It is no different than trying to benefit from live cell or stem cell therapy, if you used cooked stem cells they’d be dead and would not work, when you use living, undamaged stem cells they confer life and regeneration to the body. So too with One World Whey, it is not heat damaged and therefore can impart more of the life giving properties of whey than any other product on the market.

Additionally I’m seeing client results with detoxification that surpass anything I’ve ever seen. I have used and recommended $300 dollar per month sophisticated mercury detox protocols, that based upon observation appear to pale in comparison to the detoxing power and health building benefits of One World Whey. One World Whey as a detoxifier and health building food compared to a more expensive detox protocols is a fraction of the price.


The products below have all been heated from 145 degrees for 30 minutes or 158 degree for 15-20 seconds, as you read in the report, heat unfolds proteins, bends and damages amino acids, making them unusable and a toxic burden to your eliminatory system. For sensitive people with gut permeability problems the damaged whey proteins may cause an allergic response. Some of these brands rapidly cool down the liquid whey after pasteurization to diminish the amount of damage or denaturing done to the proteins. This step they called “cold filtered”. While this may help, the product has still been significantly damaged. The net result is an inferior product to what nature created.


Testimonial of Steve Thomas:Testimonials

Okay, I live in Monterey California and my mom moved out from Colorado Springs, Colorado. She had a lot of arthritis problems and knee surgery and stuff. She came into our business and she was kind of hobbling around moving really slowly all slumped over and it just occurred to me that I had been drinking the One World Whey Vanilla Flavor. I bought the 5 lb. jar. And I have been spiking it with basically raw milk, vitamin D drops, vitamin C, and eating some nuts or some kind of heirloom grains to go along with it so that I could the full mix of the protein hit. I looked at her and thought, “Well, I’ll make her a batch” so I made a glass for her and gave her all the extras with the vitamin D then she drank it. And about 3 or 4 hours later she started walking around faster and I asked her, “Do you feel anything from it?” and said, “Golly, yeah!” going “Look look! It doesn’t hurt. I can feel the implant on my knee, but everything is fine.” Then she was sitting in this stool we have in the entrance and she was sitting there kicking her knees out like a little kid raving about how good she felt. The actual proof was how fast she was moving. She wasn’t hunched over, limping around, or moving slowly. She was actually walking around normally like she was about. She was moving around like she was ten years younger. I was shocked. I know for me I was trying to work out and take protein powder and I just couldn’t get any power. My joints hurt and I can’t get any muscle built up but since taking this [One World Whey] along with my combination of raw milk and stuff. I have really become much, much stronger. It’s amazing to me how easy it is to build muscle now.

Testimonial of Doug Didero:

My name is Doug Didero, after being on the One World Whey for one week; I had serve detox of metal particles from around my eyes that were coming right out through the skin. This metal toxicity was from my work environment and caused me an itching sensation around my eyes. After 4 weeks of detoxification all itching is gone around my eyes. Also I’ve been able to increase muscle mass without any more exercise. My wife has lost weight and gained a more attractive figure.

Testimonial of Angie Borden

My name is Angie Borden. My son has suffered from border autism and constipation. I got him taking One World Whey and in two months’ time, he’s become more alert. His focus and concentration has improved. He’s started making friends and his constipation is gone. And he’s doing great! He’s been taking One World Whey every day and you know, you could offer him a present or cake and he most definitely prefers the whey.

Testimonial of Bruno Galassi

My name is Bruno. I’m 51 years old. I’ve tried different protein powders over the years and they’ve all tasted pretty bad. I tried One World Whey and found it to be delicious. After ten weeks on One World Whey, my wife commented, “You have more muscles and you’re leaner than when you were 20 years old.” My body has changed dramatically. I’m a cyclist. Normally, I’ll ride two days on and two days off. After being on One World Whey, I rode ten days in a row in over 100 degree heat then I’d take another two servings of One World Whey and go work out at the gym for an hour and a half. I just couldn’t believe these results. My normal muscle tightness and soreness after working out are now virtually gone. Don’t take my word for it. One World Whey comes in single servings. Just give it a try.

Testimony of Dennis Miller (Florida)

Okay, well, before, I’ve always been good with nutrition. You know, having a hard time working out but doing pretty good (running a little bit out of energy). Since then with the One World Whey, Alkalizer (Arise and Shine), Barley Grass, Mineral Magic, Nano Cal, Taurine, and Cod Liver Oil and the Floraderm and then I started noticing a lot more energy. So I thought several months ago maybe if I work out again I can gain some muscle (It’s just been incredible you know). My chest was like 48/49. My waist has gotten down to 36. I’m really strong at work. I’m a painter for the school system. I’m really strong at work and don’t need much to eat/drink during the day. I take a cup of goat’s milk in the morning and one at noon and I feel really energetic and here it is 4 or 5 ‘o clock (That’s all I’ve eaten). But with these products the muscle mass and I feel is just incredible.

Testimony of Helen Jacobs (Florida)

My age is 69. I have been a diabetic for 19 years and I have to tell you that I came across the One World Whey through Alex Jones and the program on the computer and I have to tell you that I’m one of these proactive people always looking for something to help my health. I mean I ordered it and I saw the big container I nearly dropped my teeth. I thought, “What am I going to do with all this?” Well, much to my grin, I started taking about a half a glass of almond breeze milk and I put a teaspoon in and I drank it and started drinking on before every meal (Just a teaspoon). And then I finally decided to feel a little bit better. I know I take supplements. I’ll be honest with you Stephen that I take supplements. But I started to say to myself that I’m not exhausted, I’m not tired, I don’t have to take my afternoon nap. I just keep going like the Energizer. And then I decided to take Mineral Magic and the only thing I will tell you Stephen is that I broke my nails opening that container. I finally figured out that if I used the end of a spoon it will come up. So every morning I take my whey and my minerals and I put it into my milkshake with my almond breeze and then I drink it and then I have my breakfast. And what has happened to me Stephen is I no longer have my cravings. A matter of fact, I don’t eat all the time (I don’t even want to eat all the time). I also found out that if I take a little bit of almond breeze milk before I go to bed  – I get up and my glucose (this is what I’m so elated with) – my glucose now is in a good range. When mine is in the 90’s to 113, I feel fabulous. I feel like a person. I wouldn’t wish low glucose levels on the worst enemy I’ve got. All I can say to you is that this has balanced me out. I don’t have cravings (Matter of fact, I’m never hungry anymore). I found that by using my minerals, Stephen, it has given me a better edge on whatever it is. I am so elated! I think you’ve never seen anyone dance around the house like I do. Let me tell you this, I was totally unfamiliar although, I do know some bodybuilders and they told me what I should be taking as far as protein, but then I went to some commercial protein and I it was okay but then I did some research on it and because of the process of heating many of the enzymes are no longer in the whey. I am not only thankful I met Glenn but I also thank the Lord for directing me to use this because it’s nature.

Rich Maender: “The term ‘best of all worlds’ has been labored to death and yet I have just discovered a whey protein powder that truly deserves to be called ‘best of all worlds’. Best taste- by far, best results- by far. You almost feel like you are cheating, with something that tastes that good, could be so good for you. Thank you Stephen and Cocoon Nutrition. One World Whey truly is the best of all worlds and the only whey for me. Yours truly, Rich from Georgia. Real user, real happy.”

Leslie Swann: “. To get better and one of the things they recommended was the One World Whey. I was doing this with what we think was candida. I found out later that I have celiac disease. I was insulin resistant and I have had severe depression ever since I was a child. I have had severe allergies ever since I was a child. And have just been feeling really run down and didn’t have any energy. Once I did the silver aloe protocol and got on the One World Whey, I started improving drastically. Within two months, I was able to cut my dosage of Prozac in half. Not understanding why until recently. After finding some research on cysteine, and getting glutathione levels up will pull excess glutamate out of the brain and would allow a depressed brain to function normally again, which is just amazing. The only place that I know in my diet that I know that I am getting cysteine from is the One World Whey. Now I am so, so much better. My doctor and I truthfully, expect me to come off the Prozac within the next 6 months to a year, if not sooner because I am already experiencing symptoms that I am over medicated again. This is the first dose of Prozac that I had ever been on, and I am already showing signs that I need to come off. Which is just crazy, especially in the middle of winter. That’s not normal for me. Normally I have to go up significantly on dosage in the winter. It was about 2 months after taking the whey that I started to experience some minor signs, what we call Tardive dyskinesia, where you get involuntary muscle spasms. That was generally my clue that those dosages gotta start dropping. I started noticing little ones, here and there about a month in and by the time I got into two months, it was like, yeah- I gotta drop this.”

Brad Hawkins: “I’ve been taking the One World Whey, the first product that I got from you guys, and I started taking that. Immediately I feel in love with it. It’s the best tasting protein on the market, by far. And I have tried many other whey proteins, and they have all irritated my stomach. Now with the One World Whey, it does not upset my stomach at all. It’s just great stuff. So once I explored your website a little further, I saw some other products like the Mineral Magic and the Nano-Cal. I started taking those products and really liked them a lot. I definitely felt more energetic, my endurance started to increase, along with my strength. I was about a 165lbs and now I am up to 175lbs with less body fat. I definitely attribute that to the two products along with the One World Whey. Also I am taking the Platinum Group Elixir and the Synergy One. I started taking the Synergy One a little while after the great effects of the other products and have continually been getting stronger and currently my endurance is going through the roof. I’m 32 years old, so I’m relatively young. With the combination of these products, it has definitely contributed a lot to the success I am having.”

Daniel Blanks: “When I started taking the whey protein, I was weighing about 228. Now 2 to 2 and one half months later, weighing about 180- 182lbs, which is my ideal weight, being 5’11”. I have an increase in stamina and also an increase in recovery with my post workout as well. I definitely have more sexual potency, immediately following the taking the whey, it has a good amino acid profile and definitely do see some good sexual benefits from it as well.”

Angie Borden: “My name is Angie Borden and ever since my daughter has suffered from alternating diarrhea and constipation, her inability to absorb her food resulted in hair loss, being listless and stunted her growth. After getting her on two supplements suggested by my nutritional counselor, she is noticeably improved. Her stools have normalized, her hair is growing, she is beaming and she is growing normally again. I’m really happy with the results and recommendations offered by my nutritional counselor. One World Whey is one of the supplements she got on and I credit the whey with a lot of her improvements.”

Richard Beall: “I started with loose stools and diarrhea. I take a quite a bit of supplements along with an alkaline smoothie which I put the One World Whey in it. I had gotten back on it and sometimes when I get back on my smoothie, it does that. I was trying to figure out what was causing it… when it dawned on me that, that the detox was causing it. This went on for almost a week. It subsided after I got off, but I plan on going back on again which means it might pick back up again, which obviously is what I want.”

Angie Borden: “Hi my name is Angie and I wanted to let you know how your One World Whey and many of your products have helped me. I have had Type 1 diabetes for 35 years and have had no control over my blood sugars. As of now while taking the One World Whey, it’s helped me to stabilize my blood sugars, helped me with my energy level, and I also notice my neuropathy pain in my feet disappeared. Well, with the whey, I also like the way it makes me feel and it also makes me look a lot younger. It also does more for me than any medicine has ever done for me, than any doctor that has given me any medicine. I really do credit the whey with that. Thanks for helping me and my family. And yes, my twins love this stuff. To them, this whey is better than any candy you could ever offer them. Honest. I should know. Today the one fought over how much the other was getting. Thanks so much!”

Quinn: “Hello, my name is Quinn. I am a freshman in high school. One World Whey has helped me grow over 4 inches this past year. It has helped me stay healthy for basketball. One World Whey tastes great. Vanilla is my favorite flavor. I recommend One World Whey as a protein supplement and as a way to stay healthy.”

When I was a mere infant and then until the age of four years old, I suffered from asthma and bronchial infections. I was consistently given tetracycline to treat these symptoms. This allopathic drug built up in my system at a cellular level. It even stained my permanent teeth before they came through. Even after those first four years, just about every spring and fall, I would have bronchial infections. The allopathic doctors diagnosed this as allergy based. At each of those times, I was also put on an antibiotic of their choice. At around the age of 35, I experienced an onset of asthma symptoms again. I was given a steroid inhaler and Klonopin to keep me from panicking. Sometimes they also gave me a steroid shot or pack. If an infection was suspected, I was also given an antibiotic. Also, my Father passed away from a sudden heart attack at the age of 51, sixteen years ago, and I was put on Prozac for situational depression. And, even though I eat healthy and take supplements, something was just off balance in my body. I never felt quite whole and healthy.

As a vegetarian I was happy to find such a delicious protein powder to take as One World Whey. Within a short time of taking One World Whey I felt better and had more energy. After a few weeks of taking it intermittently I started taking it daily up to two times per day. Within 2 weeks of doing this I felt much better then I normally do. Within a day of feeling this very good feeling I started to have thick green mucus come out of my lungs. I was coughing and feeling afraid for my life at first because my breathing was somewhat restricted. I was instructed to drink more water and give myself a coffee enema to assist with drainage and to allow my body to eliminate these stored toxins. I did this and it brought some relief. This went on for 3 days. Then I experienced a blotchy red rash and my eyes were draining and swollen. I would feel better for a day or so, and then another detoxifying event would begin. Next I had watery, puss filled stools come out of me for 3 days. Again, I felt better for a day or so, and then the final phase for me was drainage from my ears and an extremely painful headache for about three days to the point where I fell into such a deep sleep and when I woke up the headache and symptoms were gone. This process took about 14 days. I felt like a renewed and well person on a physical, as well as a mental basis. I now feel abundant energy, healthy, glowing, vital, and have total mental clarity and happiness.

Obviously, I highly recommend this product. It has changed my life!

Sincerely, Rita Cash Wilkes

90-Year-Old Woman Resurrected On Unheated Whey

Just yesterday I got a testimony regarding an elderly woman that goes like this: “I have a client who has a 90-year-old mother. She has been spending most of her day in bed sleeping and was very forgetful and at times, feeling anxious about it. I put her on the raw milk and was told by my client that her mother loved it but did not report a change in health. I just spent the week taking care of her while her daughter, my client, went on a vacation. I put Mary, the 90-year-old woman, on the One World Whey “Unheated Grass Fed Whey Protein Powder” instead of her Spiruteen pea protein she had been taking. Within a day she was up and very alert, the majority of the day. She was eating more and was able to gain 2.5 lbs the week I was there. The hospice nurse couldn’t believe it.”

One World Whey comes in delicious Strawberry, Vanilla or Chocolate, in 5 lb containers.

To Order Call 888-988-3325 or visit oneworldwhey.com