Thank you for your wealth of knowledge!  My family has been helped so much by you over the years.


- Adria



Stephen, I also want to let you know that I appreciate all of the work you have done, your videos are very informative and your supplements you provide are far more advanced then 99% of what is out there. 


- In good health, Andrew Marsh




Andrea Hare Testimonial--- February 2018






A patient from Richmond, Indiana told me something that I could hardly believe, except that I saw it with my own two eyes. He said that he uses a 32 ounce Styrofoam cup every day while at work. He fills it with MRET water in the morning and drinks it over the next three or four hours. Many days, after an hour or two of the MRET water sitting in the styrofoam cup, he notices that the cup seems to be sweating. Yet, upon closer examination, it isn’t sweating. The MRET water seems to be leaking through the matrix of the Styrofoam cup! It’s as if the water molecules are smaller than other liquid molecules cause other liquids don’t do that, they don’t seem to leak, only MRET. It’s as if the MRET molecules are smaller than the matrix of the Styrofoam cup itself?!?


Did you ever hear of this before? Regular water doesn’t do this. Other drinks, like iced tea, doesn’t do this. Only MRET water does this. He showed me the phenomenon. It appeared that the MRET water droplets had leaked through the Styrofoam and then ran down the side of the cup. The water trails on the side of the cup were linear, you know, one drop that was big enough that it then flowed! It was bizarre. Regular water didn’t do that. Amazing! The ability for super-hydration proven with a styrofoam cup.





Ahh, Freedom From Pain

I love this product! It's the best for me in dealing with pain!!
- Del Dan Davi





ADR Medix4Life Stem Cell Activator 

My name is Valerie Domagalski.  I’m a biblical counselor, a Bible study teacher and public speaker.  With a platter of time demands usually completely full, I have found myself at times on the verge of adrenal exhaustion.  The exhaustion evidences itself in persistent insomnia, extreme fatigue, and lack of clarity and focus; including at times, nervous ticks like quick, successive eye blinking.   

Through an internet search, I came across Synergistic Nutrition and began viewing some of Steven Heuer’s phenomenal educational videos on the web site.   

I decided to try Medix ADR from Synergistic Nutrition (I had already exhausted most other naturopathic remedies).  When I began taking ADR I felt an almost immediate improvement.  ADR is powerfully effective for me.  Within a week or two at most I had noticeably increased energy, focus, and better sleep.  The nervous ticks disappeared completely. I now find that if I’ve failed to reorder on time and have to go without ADR for a few days, that I quickly remember the benefits of ADR, because my symptoms return. 

Synergy One.  I could go on and on about the benefits of this product.  It has produced energy levels, much sounder sleep, a sense of well-being, and I’m not going to skip this benefit because I think it interests all of us: a visible anti-aging effect!  My wrinkles are much less noticeable and my skin is more youthful.  I won’t stop using Synergy One.


- Sincerely, Val Domagalski





KDN Medix4Life Stem Cell Activator 

Placing orders with you/your company is always a good experience. I have been buying KDN ML08 for my nephew in the Philippines for approximately eight months now. He is 42 years old with three beautiful children. Unfortunately, he is suffering from diabetes. Three years ago, he was in a coma and was not able to walk for almost a month due to complications of diabetes. That was the time when his kidney failed and doctors recommended a transplant. He joined the list of kidney recipients but when his number was called, he was not able to do it for financial reasons. Instead of having an expensive transplant, he chose to manage his diet and go through dialysis three times a week to extend his life. His skin started to turn blotchy with dark spots all over his body and he felt red most of the time. One day, went to the internet and started searching for anything that can help him regain strength and somewhat normal skin. That’s how he found out about KDN ML‐08. He asked me if I can buy a bottle to see if it will work for him. I googled KDN ML‐08 and found your company as one of the retailers. I initially bought one bottle for my nephew to try. I sent it via air to the Philippines and in three weeks I got a call from my sister (mom of my nephew) and she told me that she can see positive effects of KDN ML‐08. His skin started to clear and he is feeling more energized. I was so happy and started ordering on a regular basis. I do not let him pay me because I know he cannot afford it and I try to squeeze it in my budget. Thank you so much and I hope to be able to buy more of your product. Have a great day!


- Best regards, Lina Daya





Electron 5 Living Water Testimony by Joe Kinyon --- March 2016





Elecron 5


I'm a 20yr..water treatment specialist. I purchased this E5 machine for my own use initially. I personally use pre-water filtration, Reverse Osmosis and NRW-37 resin filters prior to the E5 unit. Like most people, our municipal supplied water is very hard. In using my filtration/processing system I supply zero ppm in and zero ppm out @ approx. 150degrees F.

The filtration I employ minimizes any mineral build up, in the E5 equipment, thus drastically reducing any maintenance regardng scale accumulation. I suggest anyone do the same. The E5 produces a fine, fine water for my needs and others now. I offer it to many folks with many different health issues. Have received good feed back for the last 2yrs. using this wonderful machine's product water. Btw - This is the only water I put in my Keurig coffee machine, with No scaling

problems whatsoever. Today, I now produce 3% food grade peroxide and micro-particle silver colloid solution, as well as, drinking water for a select user base, including fellow veterans who came back with health issues from Vietnam and the GulfWar. My extensive experience, in the water field allowed me to see the tremendous value, the Ellis 5 machine was capable of, and has proved out to be a valuable asset, to my familys well-being and for my fellow users.

Semper Paratus.

Thank You Mr Ellis, for your invention, your Great Contribution and years of perseverance in overcoming the naysayers and doubting thomas's and ultimately gaining the respect of top medical institutions, High tech and energy industry, medical researchers, MDs, thousands of users, both here, in the U.S. and overseas.


- Amazon Client






 Angie --- Angie and her two children have remarkable improvements in health while taking One World Whey, Synergy One and Membrane complex --- August 2011




 Charles --- Charles breathing problems and the sleep disturbance this caused improve while on One World Whey, Synergy One and Mineral Magic --- May 2011

Charles breathing problems and the sleep disturbance this caused improve while on One World Whey, Synergy One and Mineral Magic


 Mark --- Mark's Knee Improves while using Collagen, Mineral Magic, One World Whey and Synergy One. --- August 2011



Paul --- The best two words to describe the change (and all for the better) is Amazing and Remarkable. --- October 2008

Thank you very much for offering such a change in our lives.


My mother (about 75) was hit by a car about 6 moths ago and suffered serious injuries to her knee and leg. The pain was severe and constant. About a month ago I ordered several products for her (and for myself). The change has been nothing short of remarkable. My mother now, does not use any prescription medication and and is not in pain. Sleeping has been much improved (again without having to use any medication). Her general well being has improved and without doubt her quality of life has improved.


As for myself, I am just amazed. Sometimes I can't believe just how good I feel (regardless of the stressful lives we all live). I'm 45 and in general good health, the positive effects of a good program was felt almost Immediately. Truly, Truly amazing. Some other observations, I sleep much better, my skin feels better, I breath much better, all the little annoying aches and pains (joints) have disappeared, I can focus better. I could continue to state the positive effects this has had, but I think you get the point.


The best two words to describe the change (and all for the better) is Amazing and Remarkable.


We're using the Amino Balance, Mineral Magic, Synergy One, Collagen, Flax(from seed, ground), Cod Liver Oil and a Calcium & Magnesium


- Cheers, Paul Panayiotopoulos



Dolores --- Resurrection from the Dead through mercury detox, regenerative and pH balancing supplementation --- July 2008

Hello Stephen,

I just wanted to drop a line to you to let you know how much better I am after your showing me some simple steps to regain my sense of well-being.

In 2002 I was diagnosed as having very high levels of Mercury in my body. It was certainly Mercury Toxicity. After numerous amalgam fillings in my teeth, placed there by dentists over many years (and it was cumulative), I succumbed to the deleterious effect of Mercury. My nervous system was completely shot. My hormone levels were completely out of balance and I would get the worst of blood sugar drops during the day at unannounced times that I couldn't even predict.

After a consult with you, Stephen I began taking Synergy One, Amino Balance, Nano Cal, Mineral Magic and of course Digesticol. My sleep has improved, my digestion is now fine, and now that I am taking Synergy One, I look and feel younger than I did 30 years ago. I am 67, work full time as a mortgage professional and have abounding energy. I look and feel "ageless" with no intention of ever "growing old" gracefully or otherwise. It's amazing how the right supplements can have such an effect on ones health when I remember 6 years ago not having the energy to get up from my sofa in order to go to my office. How different I feel today! Thank you Stephen.


- Dolores Davis


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Perfect Aminos  Testimonial from our customer Lamik Khalifa --- April 2016


I had an accident in August of 2014 where I suffered a torn right labrum with a dislocation. The pain became more severe as time went on. I sought medical consultation and was told that surgery was needed. Avoiding surgery was first for me and then I remembered listening to wbai and hearing about perfect aminos and what it did in healing this man from his hamstring injury. Well, my injury and pain lasted for about the same amount of time as the man with the hamstring, almost two years. I started taking the perfect aminos in late February of 2016 and after the first week I noticed a significant reduction in pain and lateral movement in my shoulder was more tolerable. I am now in my sixth week and am at 99.99%. I have resumed my sports and exercise activities and will be turning 49 yrs. old next month. Wow!

Click a play button to listen:





 Andrea --- Calcium/Minerals --- September 2015



I have had systemic Candida for over 20 years. It had gotten so bad that my body ached all over from the toxins. I have tried many different products that "kill" fungus. Each time I struggle with die off reaction, extreme fatigue, headaches and I end up quitting because I have to function and work. 

I was actually reluctant to take the CCWS so it sat on my shelf for over a month. After Stephen asked me the 100th time if I had taken it I finally tried it. I feel amazing. I have so much energy I am getting so much done. My aches and pains are gone and I feel so hopeful about my health and my future.  


Andrea Hare
San Jose, CA



The Power of Nutrition - Gary Clarke Video Testimonial - June 2015



"Your MRET water system is amazing, I feel like I could sleep less and I have more energy. 


- Emanuel Ban, Chicago



Pam --- Pam has her bones remineralize while on supplement program --- May 2011

Pam has her bones remineralize while on supplement program

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Angie --- Angie Borden comments more about her kids and how helpful and accurate the advice was she received from Stephen Heuer ---



Doug --- Doug's hair color is turning back to brown after 2 months of Mineral Magic.



John --- John's turnaround with Cancer

A lot of folks saw me eight months ago grey, wasting away and barley able to operate more than two hours at a time without crashing out. They all knew my cancer was not completely removed by conventional medicine, in fact it just about killed me. They see me now and are dumbstruck and the overwhelming consensus is that I look healthier, more fit and my skin color and eye clearness has improved drastically from a year or two ago. When I tell them I have accomplished this through nutrition and explain my process, of course including the strong Stephan Heuer recommendation for the help you have provide, many of their immediate responses is "Well now it is time for you to go see a good oncologist or real doctor so that you can be completely cured." I have to pause and shake my head and respond. "Were you not listening or do you have a butterfly valve opened between your ears. I feel healthier and more empowered than I have ever felt in my life." It is strange how conditioned the general population is, and how fearful they are to step out of the medical / pharmaceutical matrix.

Thanks again for all your help.





Renee --- Renee appreciates quality of advice from Stephen Heuer; December 2012

You are correct -- thank you for pointing that out. Really enjoy your knowledge,interviews, insight etc. Have learned more from you and your site etc. than years of studying 'health' books and listening to other practitioners. Kudos!



Carla --- Coments on the Cardiovascular Health Newsletter; October 2012

Wow! Excellent article with correct information! I am very impressed with you guys getting this important little known information out. Thank you so much!

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Jalina --- Comments on the information she received from Nutripath, Stephen Heuer; October 2012

Thank you for your reply and I appreciate your time, as I know you must be super busy. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank you for your health info. I have followed many health experts over the last couple of years but you make sense and I am really pleased with the products you recommend and the knowledge you impart. I can already see some improvement in my health though have a way to go.


I ordered Ormus Ocean from you recently and am looking forward to receiving this.

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Michelle --- Michelle's life long allergies are now 90% gone while following product recommendations of Stephen's --- September 2010

Stephen's knowledge and personal experience of nutrition are uncomparable to any professional I have experienced as of yet. If I began to describe to you the YEARS of supplements and doctors I have gone to...to try to resolve my allergic symptoms...you would be shocked and amazed to discover how many thousands of dollars, and endless amounts of time and energy I have expended to find just some simple magical solutions to handle allergic reactions simply without the use of drugs and antihistamines. I have tried everything from NAET to Acupuncture and Infrared Sauna to German Homeopathy serum injections to Expensive Blood tests revealing hundreds of food based allergens (that I will still be paying off for the next year totaling $1,000) and possible salycalate issues with Type Blood A related reactions based on an inability to detoxify thru the liver to a year and a half of BioAllergenic sessions 2-3 x's a week and many more cleanses, detoxifiers and various supplements to help get me on track. 


Still over the past 5 years I would break out suddenly in red rashes from everywhere on the face and neck to the arms and hands/fingers and the lower parts of my legs...all so severe that the rashes would itch so bad that they would bleed when I itched them. My face would get so bad that I would look like a burn victim and sometimes my eyes would be so severe that they would puss over and look like pink eye. None of the various tests nor assessments nor treatment plans including dietary changes seemed to get to the bottom of the source or the remedy.  In fact it was only a week ago that I once again started to break out on my face. FINALLY...as a result of Stephen's superior knowledge of nutrition and body chemistry as well as his intriquite research into finding the best products on the planet...do I feel like my problems have a REMEDY!!! Although the skin rashes may or may not (hopefully over time) dissipate...I am now confident that I have a perfect solution thanks to Stephen and Cocoon Nutrition. Now I feel confident that when I have a breakout...I can take a double dose of Nano-Cal and Membrane Complex along with some Quercitin and Voila...rashes be gone within 24-48 hours!!!   Thank you Stephen...you are Heaven Sent!!!


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Mike --- Testimony on Xtra-Cell Joint Support --- December 2009

My son received an injury, which severed his lateral collateral ligament on his left leg, being a basketball player the prognosis was he could possibly never play again. We took him to a top surgeon in our state who said we might have to have surgery but would have to wait because the bone was so badly bruised along with the severed ligament.


I started Flex-Cell and Mesenchyme (Now available as Xtra-Cell Joint Support) along with collagen for four months. The first MRI showed a sever of the ligament; his knee on the ligament test was very loose. After a month a 2nd MRI was done the knee began to tighten up and the sever didn't look like a sever anymore it just looked like a line on the ligament.


A third MRI was done a month later and our surgeon was dumbfounded he kept looking at the MRI picture, did the knee test and it tightened to 90% normal. We waited one month more and his knee was 100% tight and the ligament showed no sever at all.


My son now plays college level basketball he has had other minor injuries but the first injury has never been an issue or a problem since. WOW I thought I was wasting my money but the live cell had to be the major contributing factor in my son's recovery. For us surgery was a last resort, thanks to Cocoon for finding a product like this.


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Phillip --- Mini Hexahedron Testimony --- December 2009

I have had the Mini-hexahedron for some time now and can offer to others the result of it use in my gardens and in our personal use as well; all of the water that we have been drinking these past few years was treated by this great device. I have only the highest praises for this wonderful device, which actually changes, beneficially, all water that is run through it. At this time I wouldn't consider drinking any other water!


We have a deep artesian well, over 200 feet, on our farm in Story, Arkansas. Most of the water, other than from rain, that has gone on the garden has gone through our mini-hexahedron. There were times though when I did experiment with untreated well water, with captured rainwater and also with lake water from our 6-acre lake. Of course, as expected, on all of the many herbs and vegetables grown, rain gave us the best results. Just after this I would say quite emphatically that the next best water was our well water, which was treated with the Mini-hexahedron. This was somewhat unexpected as I figured that the captured rainwater from our roof would actually prove as good, or nearly as good as rain itself. I was wrong. I would have to say that the water treated with the mini-hexahedron is about 85% as good as rain! The captured rainwater was about 75% as good as rain. And finally, our lake water was about 60% was good as rain. I am convinced from my experimentation that all water, which is run through this device, is far, far better for all plants than were it simply not treated at all. I am a firm believer in this technology and would whole-heartedly recommend it to everyone who has a garden, an orchard or any farm animals, which require additional watering.


The water actually tastes different once run through our mini-hexahedron. The PH is about 9.2. The water tastes far better than untreated well water. And both my wife and myself can feel the difference! I am able to drink less water when I drink it. And I have far more energy with this than any other water that I have ever drunk. I wrote a book on water several years back, and on the many different ways that it can be altered or changed using either devices or different types of energies. I am convinced from using this water exclusively to all others in the past few years that this is by far the best water currently available anywhere for human or animal consumption! Drink it and feel the difference. Use it in your garden, farm, or for your animals and you will see the difference that this wonderful device will make!


Thank you for this incredible gift! Dr. Phillip W. Burbutes, ND.


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Ben --- Ben loves the MRET --- March 2009



The MRET water-activator is incredible! The energy levels, the clarity... My body feels like it has a lifeforce moving throughout, just from drinking good water! Wow.





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Dot --- Rash heals using Mineral Magic and Ostrich Oil. --- October 2008

I have had a recurring big red, itchy patch on my leg for about a year. Several doctors said they didn't know what it was...maybe an allergy! It was getting to the point of hurting also, so I took some of the mineral powder I ordered in Aug., mixed it with a littly emu oil and pasted it on. Next day it was 98% GONE! How about that?


Thanks, Dot Schaefer


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Bob --- Major Health Improvements while drinking MRET water. --- July 2008

I am, or was, a stage 4 cirrhosis patient w. HCV who was looking forward to a liver transplant according to the UCLA Liver Institute. I have tried MehaHydrate and anty other remedies to eleviate symptoms
and found that only prayer helped. That is until my dear friend gave me mret water. It has been 2 weeks. Edema gone. Fatigue repalced by the most wonderful sleep only when I choose to have it. So many
other reversed sysmpoms; no more tremors, skin anomolies, no liver pain, blood in the urine gone.. But the one I love the most is I love having my mind back. You see with cirrhosis fluid builds up in the
cranial cavities and, well, it's very sad to see someone lose there mental sharpness. Mine is back with a vengance. Thank you, and may God truly bless what you have done.
PS am documenting all lab tests to prove these remarkable results.

bob grace, huntington beach, ca


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Willow --- Athlete restores IT band and thigh health using Ondamed --- April 2008



My thigh and IT band are much much better. I was having constant tightness and pulling on the attachment by the knee for almost a year. I did 6 sessions of Ondamed. Now, if I continue to get proper massage and do my walking everything seems to be staying loose and full of energy. I do not have a ball of tension anymore, everything is flowing freely.






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D.C. Aliso --- Ondamed and Sauna Therapy get high praise --- February 2008

Boy you don't mess around when it comes to exquisite advice! Here's the latest:


Regarding Ondamed...when Sharon went through the list of my "hot spots" one of the things she mentioned is that my colon is fine, but the small intestine has problems.


Well, guess what? On Saturday I ended up at Hoag Hospital's E.R. I had such excruciating pain coming from my back and gut. The CAT scan revealed diverticulosis. So, it looks like I'm on my way to a gastroenterologist. For a moment it seemed like the machine made me sick. Don't you find it rather peculiar that she warned me on Wednesday, and I end up at the hospital on Saturday?


Maybe I ought to do a one-week fast with OxyPowder(?). I'm not sure about this one but I know something is amiss.


Also, the tent sauna, like Ondamed, is OUTSTANDING. According to Dr. Wilson's protocol, newbies are to only go in for 20 minute sessions per day and build up over time. Since I easily did an hour to 90 minutes in a Therasauna (far infrared) I thought, "No big deal...I'll do 40 minutes and hit my body twice". Yikes! I over did it. I had serious detox symptoms and no coffee enema could take away the headache and pulsing teeth, come love or money.


There isn't a far infrared sauna on the market that can compete with Dr. Wilson's Lamp Sauna. It may look "primitive" and "different" but the looks are deceiving. It's POWERFUL and it kicked my butt. My husband refers to it as my "teepee". I am so grateful that you suggested this sauna. You saved me tons of money. And you also prevented me from buying a heap of junk. I never knew that far infrared saunas bombard one's EMF field. Most doctors use far infrared but very few use near infrared which is the gold standard for all major research here and abroad. Even in hospitals, the standard is near infrared heat lamps especially in neonatal intensive care.


I love my sauna and I am sooooooo pleased with this purchase. I don't even need extra blankets for insulation. Seven hundred fifty watts of near infrared heat is INTENSE! My whole body pulsates including my teeth. You have given me two of THE WISEST recommendations for true healing and great health. I foresee the day when saunas are no longer an option but a must have in order to survive in this toxic world. Near infrared is the Maybach, Porsche ...rocketship...for deep therapeutic results.


So Dr. Heuer, you scored again. Thank you so much for your brilliant services. You really are on the cutting edge and it's obvious that you do your research. Bravo!


D. C. Aliso Viejo


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Meadow --- Busy Mom regains energy, happiness, hair stops falling out and has energy to compete in Athletics again. --- January 2008

Hi Stephen,
As I am writing this a feel a sense of calmness combined with inner strength. When I physically feel well my emotions and relationships thrive. I am a competitive athlete, mother and entrepreneur. I have had trouble in the past maintaining energy to keep up with my rigorous schedule. I sought Stephen's advice after a long month of low energy and reoccurring sickness. It has been a month since I started on his products and I feel strong and focused. The daily task of managing a career, kids and competitive running are fun because I now have the energy to do them. The most noticeable difference is my hair. I have a lot of hair but it has always come out in handfuls after brushing or washing it. I can say without hesitation my hair will not come out even if I pull it. Thanks Stephen for your advice and knowledge I look forward to learning more.

Take Care
Meadow Tarves


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Dr. Norman --- You are usually on the cutting edge of things before they get to the masses years later. --- November 2007

Just wanted to thank you for putting me on your newsletter. I really enjoy getting fresh information. You are usually on the cutting edge of things before they get to the masses years later.



In Health,


Dr. Norman Smith


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Devida --- Results from doing the 5 Steps to Great Health Program --- August 2007

Dear Stephen-
Thanks to you I have connected with organic/grass feed farmers down here in south Florida.I have been buying raw goats milk and I love it so much tastes great!!!! I have placed my first order with them and will pick up from their truck that delivers here every 2 weeks . I ordered raw whey and kefir and raw cheese and milk too. Additionally buffalo steaks and fish and veggies and fruit.


I am recovering from gum surgery right now I have been rinsing a lot in sea salt water, have a lot of swelling been out 2 days from work resting. I cant wait to start on your products and be on a new level of healing and nutrition.


Thank you for enlightening me on RAW and the benefits I have been taking 2 raw eggs a day to now in my goat milk drink. I found Sea breeze Farm from that Weston A. Price website, what a god send that website is. I am so grateful that I had that consultation with you it brought me to a new level of enlightenment and I am feeling better on grass fed beef protein.
thank you. Devida


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Joel --- Gleaming Intestinal Health Testimony --- June 2007

Dear Steve, I am just writing you a note on the Gleaming Intestinal health package. I used the three products as directed by your instruction, when I saw the special advertised. I must say the whole process of intestinal cleansing was easy, comfortable and non-embarrassing, meaning no sudden trips to the toilet at work! My family and I eat all Organic and once a year we do a kidney, liver and colon cleanse. It did liquefy all waste as expected. In the morning I would wake up and spend no more then a half hour in the bathroom, about three different times. During the rest of the day, I had no gas problems, or urges to "go". In the mornings when I did go there was no discomfort, burning or other symptoms one normally has with diarrhea. An added bonus was the urinating of some "sludge" I presumed from the oxygenation of the kidneys, as well, eliminating the junk. The whole process was completely comfortable and pain free. Sure felt greater after wards. Thanks and I will be trying more of your products in the future.


Joel Rissman, Rissman Organics Consulting


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Debbie --- --- April 2007

I also wanted to tell you that since I have been taking the Bet. HCL, a problem that I have had for over 25 years has gone away. I wondered if this was a result of that? The problem was embarrassing pruritis and a nagging intense itch for which I have tried everything and had no results for all these years. I went to doctor after doctor after doctor and none of them could find out why or help in any way. I even consulted a medical intuitive. I even wrote Dr. Andrew Weil and he just said to practice relaxation which did absolutely nothing to help the intense problem. But after taking the HCL it seems to be GONE. My friend Kim, another one of your clients, said she thinks the HCL is what stopped it? Thanks, Debbie


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Stephanie --- Agonizing Pain reduced by 75% in only 5 days! using Mercury Magnet --- August 2006

Dear Stephen, You don't need to reply back to this email but I just wanted to take a moment out of your day and give you the 411 (or the 911) on my cool experiment. Read on...


It's been five days since testing out the Mercury Magnet (1 cap daily) and I gotta tell ya, I'm loving life. Since my order of Nature's Balance Chlorella didn't arrive until tonight, I decided to experiment with Hg Mag and Heavy Metal Nano (1 tsp daily) starting last Thursday. The darn stuffed worked... far beyond my wildest dreams. Go figure!


In just five short days my agonizing pain has been reduced by at least 75 to 80%! Most of the normal Trigger Points are practically gone, except for my joints, certain areas of my back, and glut's. I'm not used to not being in so much pain. Only five days? Heck, I was just playing around with the stuff -- a sort of trial run. Mercury Magnet is truly "nutrition that REALLY works".


I look forward to working with you soon.


Stephanie Cohen


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Stephen --- I gave it a try & was amazed - MRET --- August 2006

I contacted severe Atopic Eczema last year. My skin was inflamed, dried and irritated; it was very itchy and painful. I had to stay away from air-conditioned environment as it only added to my suffering. Constant visits to both Western and Chinese physicians did not help much, as most medications were steroid based.


When I was introduced to MRET, I was skeptical because I thought it was another water filtering device. However due to my friend's persistence, I gave it a try and was amazed by its phenomenal results. The inflammation subsided after 2 weeks of drinking and clearing my body with MRET water. I was totally cleared of Eczema within 6 weeks. My sincere thanks to the inventor (Dr. Smirnov) of MRET water system. Stephen Chiew


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Nicole --- Praise for Cocoon Nutrition's Web site as an educational tool --- August 2006

I just wanted to drop a line and extend a warm thank you to your staff and to Stephen Heuer for their help and awesome response to my questions regarding my recent order. I am 28 years old and have easily speant thousands of dollars in my short life trying to obtain and maintain optimal health. I have been lucky in the sense that I was first made aware of Dr. Weston Price's findings when I was quite young, and have applied his wisdom to my nutritional intake for years. So most of that money was spent on good quality whole food supplements, but there was definitely the occasional "snake oil" purchase that was an absolute waste. I've never been able to feel as though I have found the proper combination of supplements introduced in the correct manner to make a significant difference. That all changed when I was fortunate enough to come across an advertisement for your website. Your explainations and descriptions are very comprehensive and gave me the sense of excitement and assurance that I had been searching other companies for, but was never able to receive. I am so looking forward to sharing my testimonial with you after I embark on the regimen that Stephen recommended for me. I am also about to begin a course through the Price-Pottenger foundation to become a Certified Nutritional Therapist, and my intuition tells me that I will be starting this new chapter in my life with my best foot forward and have many a positive thing to contribute to this field thanks in part to you!
Most Sincerely,
Nicole L .Boyd


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Jaime --- Prenatal Care --- July 2006

Dear Stephen, Carol, Andrea and everyone at Cocoon Nutrition, I have been so grateful for your nutritional support and support for my personal growth and well-being over the past several years. I took many of your supplements during my pregnancy which I feel has contributed to David's health. This was a suprise pregnancy and I was fasting and cleansing prior to and during the 1st few months of pregnancy not knowing I was pregnant. My son's partner is a strict vegetarian (for 30 years, primarily soy based) so I think using your supplements plus the information from the Weston Price foundation was the saving grace for David. There are many challenges that I face in my life so your support is valued deeply. I hope to come to the south bay sometime and see you all. Until then, I'll be in touch. Thank you for all the time,energy and love that you bring through your work and that you give. Jaime Paula Kuhle (Picture is of David) Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting



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Debi --- Healing Ulcers - 5 Steps to Your Great Health --- June 2006

Dear Dr. Heuer,


My 13 year old son had a very painful ulcer in his stomach. It kept him awake and caused him pain. I ordered the products you suggested plus I have him on the first two phases in the Five Step Program. He is doing so much better. Thank you so much for taking the time to give me advice for my son's ulcer. I am truly amazed for such care and response from you and I am grateful for your wonderful company. You help more people than you know and I am very grateful.


Sincerely, Debi Skikos


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Niranjani --- I am so thankful to Stephen for saving my life! - HCL Detox Therapy, MRET --- June 2006

I am Cocoon Nutrition's customer since July of 2004. I went to see Steven when my lifelong acidity problems associated with indigestion became so severe that I could not eat anymore. Thank God I located Steven by surfing on the internet and he was available in the San Jose, CA area at that time. He suggested that I do not have enough HCL in my system and my problems were related to it. I then started taking HCL detoxification therapy upon his recommendation. Things turned around in a less than a week's time. I could retain food in my stomach without much discomfort. In six month's time I arrived at a point where I can take HCL on an as needed basis and feel healthy. I am so thankful to Steven for saving my life. I am taking the nutritional supplements as he recommended on a daily basis. I feel energetic and strong. My allergies have also become much better. Recently I went to India after 10.5 years. I did not take any inoculations before leaving. I did not have any health problems in India and as a result I enjoyed my time in India. Earlier whenever I went to I India, I became sick the very next day after arriving in India as I used to get dust allergy and stomach upset. This time I took natural supplements with me and I took them regularly. We drank boiled water that was processed through an MRET jug after having it at a room temperature.


My two sisters and parents (in their eighties) are also daily taking nutritional supplements as prescribed by Steven. My Mom has 18% kidney function and my father has 30% heart function. My parents are doing very well with the natural supplements. They are very energetic and they both move around on their own. They have been taking nutritional supplements as prescribed by Steven since October 2004. My both sisters are also doing very well. My one sister had weak back and after taking natural supplements as prescribed by Steven I have not heard her complaining about her back pain.


We regularly order supplements from Cocoon nutrition. The staff at Cocoon nutrition is extremely polite, accommodating, and very responsive. We love to work with Cocoon Nutrition to ensure that we stay naturally healthy and avoid health challenges. Steven is a great human being and is very caring and responsive individual. My whole family loves to work with him to keep them healthy.


Minnie H. Patel, Ph.D
Associate Professor
Department of Industrial & Systems Engineering
San Jose State University


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Mary --- I no longer crave carbohydrates!!! ...my blood sugars have gone down an average of 150 points!!! - Natures Answer to Diabetes Package --- April 2006

Dear Stephen,
I would love more of your products! Since starting on the Healthy Pancreas and Blood Sugar support package, my blood sugars have gone down an average of 150 points!!!!! I couldn't do anything to get them down from the rafters. The second benefit and the most important for me, is that with my colon being cleaned out (that oxygen stuff is amazing) I no longer crave carbohydrates!!! I purchased your package because I was willing to
try anything to get some relief and constant carb craving was driving my blood sugars. As I cleaned out my colon, the craving has gone allowing me to make healthier food choices for the first time in many years. My sinuses are also cleaning out and I'm starting to smell flowers and taste foods like I did when I was in my teens. Thanks for this opportunity to share how amazing your products are. - Mary Caldwell


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James --- With Stephen's recommendation, I alkalinized my body with Nano-Cal, Aloe Powder, Cod Liver Oil and detoxified my bowel with Oxy Powder. My eczema disappeared along with excess gas, bloating and constipation. --- January 2006

I was dealing with eczema on my elbows. So on Stephen's recommendation I alkalinized my body's pH by taking Nano-Cal, Aloe powder, and Cod liver oil, and detoxified my bowel with Oxy-powder. This a long with a good diet of plenty of raw foods caused my eczema disappeared along with excess gas, bloating, and constipation. The pH Trio and Oxy powder gave me a new lease on life.


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Albert --- Oxy Powder improves clarity,energy & sleep. This is probably the best internal cleanse product I have ever come across. --- January 2006

This is probably the best internal cleanse product (Oxy Powder) I have ever come across. The recommended usage gave me extra energy (I guess it is the extra oxygen), and now, several months later, the benefits are still with me: improved clarity of mental functions, much more general energy available, in addition to better sleep, and increased endurance in physical exercise. The developers of this product have really found something great. Thank You Cocoon Nutrition for recommending it to me.
Albert Farnsworth


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Teresa --- The Book "Recipe For Living Without Disease" has changed my life to getting my health back. --- January 2006

Praise for "Reversal" the "The Recipe For Living Without Disease" and the Loving Nurturance of our most knowledgeable staff person Andrea.
Dear Cocoon Nutrition, I have suffered for five years with many health problems mercury toxic issues, thyroid issues and constant chronic fatigue my Doctor over time finally told me my adrenal glands were a big part of the problem along with detoxing with Gods help I found you and got the miracle I was looking for a product called Reversal that helps the adrenal glands to heal and also with the help of your staff Andrea to getting the right foods daily with your book "The Recipe For Living Without Disease" these have changed my life to getting my health back and I'm grateful for all of you and I hope you have many breakthroughs in times ahead thank you for the hope I've needed. GODBLESS. Teresa


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Roxanne --- I began on the 5 Steps to Great Health only 2 weeks ago and I am very impressed with the immediate results. Thanks Cocoon for these amazing products. --- February 2005

I have been fatigued for 3 years. I have had some type of adrenal exhaustion for even longer than this. I have tried many holistic therapies and spent many thousands of dollars in my search for health. I read a newsletter from Cocoon Nutrition on mercury detoxification and found the message to make a lot of sense. I began on the 5 Steps to Great Health only 2 weeks ago and I am very impressed with the immediate results. If I were to grade my energy on a scale of 1 to 10 I would say that I began this program at zero and within 2 weeks it has brought my energy up to a 4. I am very optimistic that as I apply more nutritional advice from Cocoon Nutrition I will become even healthier. Thanks Cocoon for these amazing products.
Roxanne Morocco


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Ethan --- With a protein filled diet, heavy weightlifting and conditioning, and the help of spring green, mineral magic, coral legend, cod liver oil, and numerous other powerful supplements, I was able to morph my body from a 5'10 170 lb kid to a 6'0 190 lb football player. --- December 2004

I began taking Stephen's supplements at about 16. Being a football player in the most competitive area in the nation, East Texas, I felt I needed some sort of boost and refused to take the every so popular steroid. With a protein filled diet, heavy weightlifting and conditioning, and the help of spring green, mineral magic, coral legend, cod liver oil, and numerous other powerful supplements, I was able to morph my body from a 5'10 170 lb kid to a 6'0 190 lb football player. Starting at defensive end my junior and senior year I was all district, a captain of my team, and was even privileged enough to play against now college football phenom Adrian Pederson. I am now a college freshman at Texas State University and take Stephen's supplements daily. I am still very physically active playing intermural football, ultimate Frisbee, and basketball, lifting weights, and of course maintaining a nutritional diet. The biggest differences I always noticed from the supplements that I was blessed with was how quickly I could recover from a strenuous workout, or how I am able awaken at an early hour fully alert with a noticeable mental edge. I am now 6'1 180 lbs and have been working on toning my body, that's another thing about these supplements, if you combine them with a certain diet they will help you gain massive amounts of bulk, or they can help you to sculpt your body into a perfect David. Having community bathroom here on campus, my hall mates are always giving me these strange looks when I'm sitting over the sink mixing my healthy cocktail, I just look at them and think, they don't know what there missing. Thank you Stephen! Ethan


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Melissa --- I learned of Nutripath, Stephen Heuer, and started on The 5 Pillars to Herculean Health program, including the Ultimatium. In only 2 months the results have been outstanding. --- November 2004

My name is Melissa and I am 34 years old. Two years ago, I was diagnosed with a hyperthyroid condition. My Kaiser doctor put me on Tapazole to suppress my thyroid and help with the symptoms. My symptoms made it very difficult to work or do household chores. I was very weak, no motivation, restless, poor concentration, difficulty reading, I had a tremor in my arms and legs so strong I could hardly walk up and down stairs. I was constipated, had weight loss (which I loved), 75% of my hair fell out and I had raging hunger every 3-4 hours and I started talking so fast people couldn't understand what I was saying. I was racing but going nowhere, scattered mentally unable to calm down and react normally to my environment. My heart rate was 115 for three months and I developed an arrhythmia and could feel my heart skip beats every few minutes. One of the most unpleasant symptoms was my bulging left eye. Everyone commented on how it was protruding. I hated to look at myself in the mirror not wanting to see how terrible my face looked with a bulging eye.


The Tapazole has a side effect of leukocytopenia, which is a low white blood cell count. My Kaiser doctor advised me to call her if I developed a sore throat or fever, indicating a low immune system. I was always reluctant to take the Tapazole and searched for a Naturopathic doctor to help me find the root of my problem and help correct it, rather than suppress my gland unnaturally as Tapazole was doing.


A few months ago, I learned of Nutripath, Stephen Heuer, and started on The 5 Essential Steps to Great Health program, including the Ultimatium. In only 2 months the results have been outstanding. The protrusion of my left eye is almost back to normal. The constipation is gone. The tremor comes and goes. I am less restless and more focused, however, I still have to tell myself to calm down and speak at a normal rate. I have more energy and can do the dishes and laundry, which prior to starting the 5 Steps, I couldn't do any tasks once I got home from work. My hair has stopped falling out. The arrhythmia is gone but my heart rate is still elevated. Due to the clay packs I found my mind fuzzy and cloudy with a slight headache after treatments but now I am not feeling the congestion as much. The raging hunger as subsided as well.


I am delighted to finally be off the Tapazole for the last three months. As I follow the steps, I am experiencing a detoxification process so my symptoms are not completely gone but they are less severe. I look forward to a complete restoration of my health in the coming months as I closely follow his recommendations to keep my body whole.



To learn more about the 5 Pillars to Herculean Health click here. Melissa Frost


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Diana --- I was extremely surprised because within 24 hours the air in the morgue had improved so much that if you didn't know you were in a morgue - Aranizer Air Purifier --- September 2004

I wanted to write to you and let you know how satisfied we are-with the Aranizers. The Aranizers worked remarkably well, we had previously purchased air cleaners from another source and used them for several years with only minimal results, and because of this I was skeptical that any product could perform much better. I was extremely surprised because within 24 hours the air in the morgue had improved so much that if you didn't know you were in a morgue, the smell of the air wouldn't give it away. The air quality in the cooler, where often remains of 30 or more decedents are stored was also much improved. These units work, and work well. Thank you for the opportunity to use them here.


Diana Hunter - Administratiave Coroner County of Santa Clara


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E. --- I began taking Mercury Magnet and Chlorella, about 45days ago and I am now walking down 19 stairs as I did prior to the MS diagnosis! Frequently, I am able to stand for hours and walk unassisted, without a cane!! - Mercury Magnet and Chlorella --- August 2004

I was diagnosed with MS in Jan 98, from diet/sugarless/MSG/Natural Flavors
product consumption and have been detoxing ever since. I have remained exacerbation/new lesion free, since. In fact, my largest lesion remains FULLY re-myelinated for 2yrs! I began taking Mercury Magnet and Chlorella, about 45days ago and I am now walking down 19 stairs as I did prior to the MS diagnosis! Frequently, I am able to stand for hours and walk unassisted, without a cane!! This is a new progression of health! Although I took DMSA prior to and following dental amalgam removal, I believe that the Mercury Magnet is removing this toxin from my system! E. Barbariin


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Jacob --- Within two months after using these two products, we both experienced rapid hair growth - Mineral Magic --- August 2004

My Name is Jacob Hunt. Age 30. My wife, Raihana (age 30), and I have been taking Coral Legend, and Mineral Magic for a little over three months now. I suffered from a receding hairline, and graying hair. Within two months after using these two products, we both experienced rapid hair growth, and thousands of new hairs have grown in. Both of our hairlines moved down our foreheads at least a 1/2 centimeter, and my gray hairs have almost completely gone away now. I also noticed a dramatic increase in erection frequency, and quality! It looks like dirt, It tastes like dirt, but it does a lot more for you than your average dirt! Thank you Stephen Heuer, and Cocoon Nutrition!


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Cam --- I recently re-ordered more C-Herb to remove my basal cell carcinoma, the residual damage from radiation treatment for acne in my youth. I am very happy with how well this is working - C-Herb --- June 2004

I recently re-ordered more C-Herb to remove my basal cell carcinoma, the residual damage from radiation treatment for acne in my youth. I am very happy with how well this is working and absolutely painless. I also greatly appreciate the professionalism and knowledge you have afforded me in my dealings with you. I had always thought these spots could only be removed by a dermatologist so am happy to find a more natural alternative that I can administer myself. I have enthusiastically included your co. as a recommended resource to my affordable health care customers looking to improve their health.


Apparently it was no accident that I sat next to Stephen Heuer on the plane from Portland to San Jose awhile back where I first found out about your co. Cam Sawyer


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Laurie --- At 10 days, my fuzzy eyesight became so clear that I saw traffic signal lights .9 miles away. - MRET --- April 2004

I'm 44 years old. As an information developer and manager for 14 years, I often spent 14 hours per day staring at a computer monitor. The ophthalmologist found no reason my eyes should be dry and red and painful all the time, sensitive to the sun, and have reduced contrast sensitivity, even though I drank 1/2 G of spring water daily, exercised outside, and took vision breaks. He told me to use eye drops, which I kept with me and by my bed and used 2 to 6 times per day, even in church. Lasik surgery made my eyes more dry, though my vision was rated at 20/30.


I decided to test whether I would notice any difference in taste or texture between spring water and MRET water, not expecting any physical benefits. The MRET water seemed more smooth. I cannot explain why I kept drinking it's divine inspiration, perhaps. After 3 days of using MRET water, I realized I no longer needed lip moisturizer. At 10 days, my fuzzy eyesight became so clear that I saw traffic signal lights .9 miles away. I didn't have to blink so often or use eye drops. The sun didn't hurt my eyes. I could read road signs, license plates, and store windows. I see the sky between the tree branches on the mountaintops. I read people's T-shirts.


The MRET increased my general confidence, reduced my squinting and bathroom trips, eliminates spending money on eye drops, and made me at ease driving at night. Laurie d'Armien


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Joe --- Thanks very much... --- April 2004

Thanks very much...
If you are a result of what the rest of the company is, I can see why they are so sucessfull. Thank you for being such a pleasure to do business with.



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Dr. Patrick Hart --- I'm sleeping fewer hrs & awakening more refreshed - Mineral Magic --- February 2004

I have had a basal cell carcinoma on my left cheek for 15 years. I have removed it several times with several methods, but it always returns. One of its annoying characteristics is a radiating crawling sensation. Five weeks ago I began taking Monatomic Gold. About a week later I began applying the liquid of gold topically to the cancer before bedtime. The reaction was visible within 24 hours. The cancer opened up, became red, and in the following weeks has reduced in length, breadth, and thickness by 50%. The cancer appears to dry up and peel off in layers. It now reddens only for a brief time and the annoying crawling sensation is all but gone. Because of these results, I have begun applying the liquid in both the morning and the evening. At this rate, I expect it will be gone within two months. I'll keep you posted!


Further, I have also noticed that in front of my hairline, natural colored hair is growing. Because its length is consistent with the length of time I've been taking the ORMUS gold, I can only presume the gold to be the generator. My dreams have also become more vivid and my sense of mental well-being seems improved.


About one week ago I started taking Mineral Magic. I'm sleeping fewer hours and awakening more refreshed. Last night, I started taking the Platinum Group Elixir and awakened 2 hours earlier still, refreshed and ready to go. Dr. Patrick Hart


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Carolyn --- ..after only one week of taking the mineral magic, I am eating HALF of what I was. Simply amazing!! - Mineral Magic --- January 2004

Just had to email you and tell you that after only one week of taking the mineral magic, I am eating HALF of what I was and feeling much more satisfied, and have totally lost any desire for animal products. Simply amazing!! Can't wait to see what happens in six weeks or six months! Carolyn Coates


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Lori --- Within 3-4 weeks my hair became shiny and thicker and started growing again. Also people have started complimenting me on my hair the way they did when i was young. - Three Lac and Quantum Probiotics --- December 2003

I am 46 years old and have battled with irritable bowel off and on my whole life. It was so bad I felt hopeless and like giving up. Stephen put me on the detox Plus,Three Lac and quantum probiotics and I started noticing a difference right away that continues to improve. I am feeling better than I have felt in many years. also my hair was falling out at a rapid rate and dry and lifeless. I had tryed everything topical and internal. With no results.Stephen put me on the monoatomic minerals plus gold and platnum. Withhin 3-4 weeks my hair became shiny and thicker and started growing again.Also people have started complimenting me on my hair the way they did when i was young. Also I have had a few people come up and say"you look younger. What are you doing?" So there ya have it. amazing products that changed my down hill spiral to to uphill health and energy. Thank you Stephen!!!!!!! Lori Heuer


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Nina --- I have started to drink MRET water. Gastritis pains disappeared immediately. MRET --- December 2003

During last six years I was suffering from gastritis and the problems of the digestive tract (constipations). I also had headaches constantly, the problems with weight controlling (it was impossible to eat anything tasty) and the effects of chronic weariness. I have started to drink MRET water. Gastritis pains disappeared immediately. The functioning of the gastroenteric path was normalized in two weeks. Headaches do not disturb me now. The chronic weariness has passed. The desire to work has appeared, but also a desire to live and live for a long time. Nina Sobol


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Jackie --- ... already I feel more steady and centered. I fall asleep more easily and sleep longer - Mesenchyme --- May 2003

Dear Stephen, I have been taking cytofactors, mesenchyme and CNS for three weeks now, and already I feel more steady and centered. I fall asleep more easily and sleep longer. At age 51, I am now waking up every morning feeling refreshed and energized. Before, my general energy level was uneven. and now it is unmistakably more constant. As a result, I am pleased to say that I feel more present. As an elementary school teacher, I now feel less stressed and reactive in challenging situations. In the past I often had to will myself to do certain things. Now I can accomplish the same tasks with ease. I have also noticed a slight improvement in my memory for names and details. The texture of my skin has improved, and my slight tachycardia has lessened as well. In short, I am very pleased to report that my enjoyment of life and sense of inner peace has definitely increased using these products, and I look forward to continuing with my program. Sincerely, Jackie Leppla. (5/21/03)


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Jeanette --- The Quantum Trio is having a real impact in increasing my energy levels from being bed ridden most of the day and too weak for daily living skills, to beginning to do "the basics" - Quantum Trio --- 2003

I wanted to thank you for your genuine concern and assistance with my long term health conditions when I called to place a phone order yesterday.


Because of my long term chronic fatigue and other complications I honestly would not have considered starting any metal detox (Premeir's Nano) without your knowledge and sharing your own experience with the product, as opposed to NDF recommended for me at the Clymer Healing Research Center, I stayed at for 2 1/2 months. The quantum trio and ISO77 are having a real impact in increasing my energy levels from being bed ridden most of the day and too weak for daily living skills, to beginning to do "the basics", like preparing food and even to take a shower without being exhausted and back in the bed because of it! That's why I have been hesitating with any metal detox because I didn't want to lose the momentum of finally having some sporadic energy!


Anyway, I commend your company, and products, but most of all, your sincere help, guidance, and time to help me choose the products most beneficial for me. Sharing your knowledge, personal health experience, and other resources are greatly appreciated. That in itself is healing to me! I look forward to a continuing improvement in my health, no matter how gradual and a continuing relationship with such a wonderful company that truly cares. I thank you Andrea from the bottom of my heart (and my adrenal glands!!) Jeanette Hughes


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Suzanne --- Dear Steve, Thank you so much for changing my life. --- June 2002

Dear Steve, Thank you so much for changing my life. You work and study so hard and long and I want to acknowledge you for that - always giving the very best in nutritional care. I hope Carol showed you how perfect my blood is now. I will talk to you soon, Love Suzanne Robinson


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S --- I'm encouraging all my friend to get to know Stephen while they still can and use these products --- February 2002

I've been into nutrition as a lay person consumer for about 35 years, and just recently have had the best ever breakthrough with information and products introduced to me by my new friend Stephen Heuer, Nutripath, of Greer, South Carolina. The books I read back in the 60's by Paul Bragg and Adelle Davis were an eye opener, and I have enjoyed robust health all my adult life, gleaning little useful tidbits regarding health along the way and putting them into practice at the best rate my discipline would allow. These things gave me a basic and precious foundation, but I now consider all of it akin to a pocket calculator, and I just woke up to the computer world. Frankly, I hope the prices on a lot of these things will come down like they have in electronics, but it's not all that bad, and it sure beats the hell out of going to the doctor or worse. One thing I will guarantee you -- if your income is derived at all in ratio to your performance (sales, the arts, writing, athletics, or any form of entrepreneurship) these products will easily pay for themselves. You will feel better, look better, be more energetic, more clear-headed, and focused than maybe any other time in your life, and yet remain calm. I'm encouraging all my friend to get to know Stephen while they still can and use these products. S Ryan, California (February 21, 2002)


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K. --- I put some of the ostrich oil on my stepson's eczema and it was gone by the next day. - Ostrich Oil --- November 2001

"I just wanted to let you know that I have had two pretty amazing things happen as a result of using the ostrich oil I got from you. I put some of the ostrich oil on my stepson's eczema and it was gone by the next day. He had previously been using a prescription laced with steroids that took over a week to get a decent result. The ostrich oil was much more effective! Additionally, one day I had a facial and my face had lots of red spots where my face had been picked to remove impurities during the facial. My skin looked really horrible. I put ostrich oil in my skin and all of the red dots subsided within one-half hour. I think your ostrich oil is a great product. Sincerely, K. C." (November 15, 2001)


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Ronnie --- Since the end of November I have given up traditional cancer treatments and relied instead on drinking the specially activated water. - MRET --- February 1999

I became acquainted with Dr. Smirnov on September 1998 while I was undergoing treatment at Cedars-Sinai Comprehensive Cancer Center in Los Angeles for metastasized naso-pharyngeal cancer. During two chemotherapy treatments in September and October, I drank water activated by Dr. Smirnov's device mixed with an herbal additive also concocted by him. In addition, I took baths in water containing a liquid substance designed by him to help me detoxify my body. To my surprise, my blood counts never fell to their lowest levels and rebounded to pre-chemotherapy ones in two and three days respectively. This was highly unusual as my body typically took around eight days to two weeks to rebuild it's immune system after receiving chemotherapy.


Since the end of November I have given up traditional cancer treatments and relied instead on drinking the specially activated water. In addition, I have been receiving treatment directly from Dr. Smirnov twice a week that involves him beaming a low frequency electro-magnetic pulse into my body with a special device. At the beginning of January this year a CT scan of the chest revealed a small shrinkage of the tumor in the middle of my left lung. Another scan a month later also showed a continuing small shrinkage in the size of the tumor together with a noticeable reduction in the cancerous mass in the lining of the lung. Ronnie Yip


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Albert --- I am a living testimony, it works, the doctor said I would be on dialysis forever. I am now Free to Live. - Kidney Well ---

Thank God for directing us to Stephen Heuer, Nutripath and Dr. Barry Chantrelle, renal specialist who was the only open minded doctor to support Stephen's nutritional program.? Together with conventional and un-conventional expertise, myself, Albert Gilbert, who is a recovered Kidney Dialysis patient, received a call from Dr. Chantrelle stating that with 2 more visits he wouldn't need to see me anymore. My kidneys are fully functioning. I would advise anyone who is in a crisis situation with their health in any capacity to just try this vitamin therapy, work with your doctor also, it will be one of the best things you could have done for your self or loved one. P.S. I'm 65, I am a living testimony, it works, the doctor said I would be on dialysis forever. I am now Free to Live. What if it works for you? - Albert Gilbert


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I have reduced my diabetic medication by 1/2 --- I have reduced the amount of diabetic medication by 1/2. My blood sugar readings are 73 to 134 after a 12 hr fast. I haven't seen these numbers for 20 years. - 5 Steps to Great Health ---

I have reduced the amount of diabetic medication by 1/2. My blood sugar readings are 73 to 134 after a 12 hr fast. I haven't seen these numbers for 20 years. My goal is to get off of diabetic medication completely. I know I can use Supplements and diet to regulate my blood sugar level. My heart is beating steady 95 % of the time. The most steady it has been since 1995. I am going for a lab test the 15th of July 2001 and I am sure the doctor will adjust my medication. I had neuropathy in my feet caused by the diabetes. Now I can feel again in my feet and the burning feeling has gone away. The swelling in my feet is no longer their. The extra unexpected benefits are, better digestion, no more acid stomach, no more back pain. more clear thinking, my eyesight has improved, I wont have to get new glasses. I lost 10 lbs., faster healing of cuts and abrasions, more energy, more restful sleep, I feel younger. I have a over all feeling of well being and its just great. I want to thank you Steve and your staff for everything. Its so refreshing to watch your face when I tell you how good the program is working. I see smiles from you and your staff and that makes me more determined to get healthy again. I am 68 years old and I feel like 40 again. Thank you, Thank you." J. Doty


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Ishtah --- I feel so great!!! Ever since I started your program - 5 Steps to Great Health ---

Stephen, I feel so great!!! Ever since I started your program ... I feel
that I have made tremendous strides in my health. I
have lost 19 pounds. I sleep without taking my medication. I am able to
get up and down stairs, on and off buses, and after sitting for a period of
time I am able to get up and walk without being stooped over and my knees in
pain. My knees feel like they are at least 85% better. I have been able to
make changes in my diet and nutrition plan that I have never been able to do
before. I drink a lot of water now and eat raw vegetables and fruit more.
The overall feeling of wellbeing is incredible. My energy is so even
throughout the day. When I come home after work I still feel good and have
energy to accomplish so much more. Whereas before I came home and put on my
ratty nightgown and hit the bed. Every once in a while I would get up and
do something, like take out the garbage or wash the dishes. I just didn't
have it in me to do anything. And the constant discomfort, pain, and
depression. It was awful. I just did not want to be around people. And I
was so scared. I thought, "this is my life! I am 54 and this is my life.
What a nightmare!!!" Thank you, Stephen. I am so glad that Jackie Carr told
me about you. In a short period of time I have made tremendous strides and
even have had my period for two consequetive months. Something that I had
not had in over a year!!! I feel wonderful and life is grand again and full
of possibilities. The best is yet to come. That is how I feel now. Again,
thank you. By the way, since I have lost 19 pounds and still need to lose
at least 20 or thirty more can you suggest what product that you carry that
would be beneficial to me at this time? Right now I am in the process of
doing a Liver Flush. What do you advise? My best wishes to you and yours.
Wishing you "Good Health".


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H. --- I have markedly more energy during the day and seem to be clearer - Mineral Magic ---

About a month ago I started taking two of those new mineral supplements you're offering. They are: Mineral Magic and Platinum Group Elixir. Honestly, I have to say they are the best things I've ever gotten from you. I have markedly more energy during the day and seem to be clearer-thinking besides it comes to work. They're valuable additions to your offerings for sure (I take them once a day in the morning always... I tried taking secondary equal doses of them in the early afternoon too... and started to get symptoms of detox it felt like. Powerful stuff, huh?). H. M.


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H. --- I have markedly more energy during the day and seem to be clearer - Mineral Magic ---

About a month ago I started taking two of those new mineral supplements you're offering. They are: Mineral Magic and Platinum Group Elixir. Honestly, I have to say they are the best things I've ever gotten from you. I have markedly more energy during the day and seem to be clearer-thinking besides it comes to work. They're valuable additions to your offerings for sure (I take them once a day in the morning always... I tried taking secondary equal doses of them in the early afternoon too... and started to get symptoms of detox it felt like. Powerful stuff, huh?). H. M.


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