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Hi my name is Brenna.

During my tiny house building construction class, I lifted something a bit heavier than I should have, which in turn triggered and reinjured my subscap area of my shoulder making it impossible to use my arm properly. The pain was nauseating and made it very hard to focus. The next day, I was blessed to have a conversation with Stephen in which he shared with me the details about fullerene, otherwise known as Carbon 60, C60. It was only an hour after taking it, that I had full range motion with my arm again and no pain. In fact, I actually felt energized in a way that I haven't in awhile. At this point in time I'm telling everyone I know about it!


However, as it would happen I had yet another re-injury occur this week just days after the shoulder issue. When it rains, it pours right? I was overworking myself physically trying to finish a huge outdoor project. I had the energy, but not the grace (nor the muscles for what I was attempting) apparently which caused a strained psoas muscle someplace in my lower back. It was again excruciating pain with major setbacks of mobility. As soon as I could I took some of the C60 and thankfully, I have relief. Those sharp pains I was experiencing are now gone. Even though, these injuries are probably not completely healed, I would say that my improvement is at least 85% better than what it was and so much faster progress than I could have ever expected. I feel energized in a very natural way and plan to do very small tasks for now as the lesson has been learned to take it easy. I highly recommend C60 to anyone dealing with pain, old or new! The results of this product for me are tremendous seeing as how in the past these 2 areas took 7 times longer to heal (and a whole lot more money using alternative healing methods) when I first had a problem with them. I am thoroughly impressed and excited that there's something out there that so effective.



Let's say this;  I'm 56, and use 2-3 of your products regularly, especially Mineral Magic and some of the new Andreas oils -- also One World Whey when I can swing it. I had good results also w Synergy One. I also use some other good nutritional products from other manufacturers, so I think I started off with basic nutritional issue's fairly well addressed.  Still I was slowing down, the exercise routine was getting more taxing, joints complained more, etc, and the level of energy expended, achieved only more and more limited results -- this was discouraging me from the routine.  


I started on the Fullerene C-60 a couple months ago. and have been pretty consistent with it since, and what I noticed first was immediate improvement in range of movement, liquidity of movement, and muscle response that was getting limited by inflammation I guess, and some pain.  The improvements would fit under the description of 'feeling younger" and they are also accompanied by a greater self-assurance in movement, better balance, better reflexes, liberty of movement etc., which don't hurt self-confidence either. But the increased range of movement soon translated into more energetic workouts, with easier movement and therefore a willingness to workout harder, longer & faster, which means better muscle tone, and some fat loss, which in turn is just GREAT TO SEE and increase the sense of being able to change some of the effects of the mounting age-factor.   


Like I say, while I take a few products, these very desirable results were only unlocked with the Fullerene C-60 -- and that's quite impressive.  One other thing that is unexpected and a little weird, is that the Fullerene C-60 appears to have reduced, and almost eliminated unpleasant body odor, including but not limited to armpit sweat -- and this is how I'm pretty confident the Fullerene is responsible for the other changes as well.  A number of times I have just skipped showers, as really a waste of time -- and that has NEVER been a good idea until now.  I want to stress that I'm taking a couple other products but the Fullerene C-60 seems to unblock their potential, and also contribute its own very desirable effects. 

Thanks to Stephen Heuer and Andreas Wecker for making these great products available.


- Roch Steinbach

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