I am Jean and I’ve been having  a terrible time sleeping for at least 20 years....going to work feeling miserable and toughing it  out.  

Eventually I would either be out sick from work or (after a few nights  sleep of only 2 or 3 hours) I would be so tired I would sleep 7 hours.  

I finally retired so I could (hopefully) sleep some during the day, but never enough.  

I have tried melatonin, tryptophan, wine at bedtime, black cherry juice and everything/anything else I ever heard or read of 

and was willing to try this one last thing and now I’m sleeping 7 hours a night!  

Synergy One fixed my problem and I never want to be out of it.  

I have a couple of friends who “never”sleep (couple of hours) and I’m referring them to try Synergy One!  

I feel so much better now and can get more done during the day. 

Much thanks for your service and products.


- Jean (now 82 years “young”)




I’m a 54-year-old, career firefighter. I’ve been active and athletic my entire life. I’ve been using One World Whey for the past 4 years and have loved how it makes my body feel and respond to my training. The “cleanest” protein on the market bar none! In the past 4 years I’ve been dealing Osteoarthritis. Even after drugs were injected into my right knee, it would still ache after my workouts. I was not able to train my legs due to the stiffness and soreness in my knee joint. Last spring I decided to try Synergy One.  WOW! After two months of using Synergy One, not only has my knee pain disappeared but also my activity level has increased. My knee no longer aches after 48 hours of climbing in and out of a fire engine. I’ve begun squatting again at the gym and I’m even playing beach volleyball with my daughter and holding my own against players half my age. All I can say is Thank You Synergistic Nutrition and I would highly recommend Synergy One; To anyone in need.


- David Miller






About 10 years ago , at the age of 57, i started using Synergy One ,then called Chrysalis, and One World Whey protein.

After hearing a promotional on the radio by Dr Rebecca Carley, i decided, what have i got to lose. The normal signs of aging were becoming evident. My work is physically demanding. I have to stay in shape, and lift weights at least once a week to maintain strength.

Within weeks after using Synergy One & One World Whey protein, and then months, the beneficial results began to progressively appear. More energy with a sense of well being and positive attitude. Better and faster results from working out. Tightening of sagging skin and diminishing of wrinkles. Increased libido, hair regrowth and deep sleep.

Synergy One is the cornerstone, the gateway to increasing the effectiveness of the other supplements i take as well.

One World Whey protein is absolutely delicious and I can feel my body absorbing its many nutritional benefits.

I have also used many of Synergistic Nutrition's other supplements .

After 6 months Synergy One& One World Whey protein literally reversed my aging process and friends were commenting to that effect.

Due to economic reasons i stopped talking Synergy One and One World Whey protein 3 years ago for 2 years, the longest I've gone without the product.

I was then 64 years old and the degenerative signs of aging were again exhibiting themselves. A chronic pain in my left arm developed from an old unrepaired muscle tear. I realized how important these supplements are.

Now , at 67 1\2 years old, I've again been using Synergy One and One World Whey protein a little more than a year. The signs of aging are again being reversed

Synergy One and One World Whey protein are absolutely incredible products.

A true fountain of youth.

- Thank you. Ernest





My name is Valerie Domagalski.  I’m a biblical counselor, a Bible study teacher and public speaker.  With a platter of time demands usually completely full, I have found myself at times on the verge of adrenal exhaustion.  The exhaustion evidences itself in persistent insomnia, extreme fatigue, and lack of clarity and focus; including at times, nervous ticks like quick, successive eye blinking.   

Through an internet search, I came across Synergistic Nutrition and began viewing some of Steven Heuer’s phenomenal educational videos on the web site.   

I decided to try Medix ADR from Synergistic Nutrition (I had already exhausted most other naturopathic remedies).  When I began taking ADR I felt an almost immediate improvement.  ADR is powerfully effective for me.  Within a week or two at most I had noticeably increased energy, focus, and better sleep.  The nervous ticks disappeared completely. I now find that if I’ve failed to reorder on time and have to go without ADR for a few days, that I quickly remember the benefits of ADR, because my symptoms return. 

Synergy One.  I could go on and on about the benefits of this product.  It has produced energy levels, much sounder sleep, a sense of well-being, and I’m not going to skip this benefit because I think it interests all of us: a visible anti-aging effect!  My wrinkles are much less noticeable and my skin is more youthful.  I won’t stop using Synergy One.


- Sincerely, Val Domagalski




My name is Frances Staggeers and I am 69 years old.  All my life I have had problems with depression, moodiness and motivation.  When I started taking Synergy One (Growth Factor), the change came on very subtly.  Then I became conscious of an uninterrupted sense of well being adding to my motivation to get things done.  No more moodiness or depression.  I also was getting a lot more sleep--too much in fact!  (Sometimes up to 12 hours!)  It surely felt good, but it was too much sleep, so I decided to take 1/2 the dose per day (3 sprays equaling one dose, instead of 6 sprays) upon arising in the morning. And it still took care of my mood problems. Great stuff!  I would definitely recommend it to my friends and relativies.


Frances Staggers 




February 16, 2015
Read Nick Lupo's story about taking One World Whey + Synergy One: 


Back in 2014 I was dealing with issues trying to gain weight and having bad joint pain due to arthritis. I was working out like crazy, eating healthy and could not gain a single pound. I began taking One World Whey around January 1, 2015. Here it is mid February and I've already gained 9 pounds of lean muscle and I feel great. My body looks great, my skin looks healthier and my joints feel better. I am in The best shape that I have ever been in. I currently have a 5 pound container of the strawberry and a 5 pound container of the chocolate. They both taste amazingly good. It makes a great recovery drink for post workout. I travel for work so I use a shaker bottle with water a lot of the times while on the road. When I am home on the weekends I like to make a protein smoothie. I will put 8 ounces of organic whole milk, some ice cubes, 2 to 4 tablespoons of organic peanut butter and a banana in a blender. After blending those ingredients until smooth I add a scoop of One World Whey to the blender and put it on the lowest speed until completely mixed. It turns out delicious every time! I also have turned some of my friends and family onto one world way and they have had nothing but good things to say about it. 


The Synergy One seems to work very well combined with OWW. I had shoulder surgery back in October and had three months for recovery. The synergy one seemed to help advanced healing and I'm pretty impressed with my muscle growth and healing. I started taking them both at the same time.

Once again thank you for your great products and I'm looking forward to a lifetime of business with you.




Barry --- Barry loses 30 lbs without dieting or Exercise on Synergy One & heals old injuries: --- December 2008

Both my wife and I have been focused on maintaining a healthy diet avoiding animal products and white sugar for years. However, despite this adhering to a vegetarian diet my weight had increased to about 260 lbs which is about 50 to 60 pounds heavier than my ideal weight. Within about 4 months of starting to take Synergy One I had lost over 30 lbs. I was amazed as I watched the weight drop off as I hadn't change my diet or exercise patterns (none that is). What I realized is that my appetite had changed. I'd gone from being ravenous to noticing that I hadn't eaten and probably should. I am particularly grateful for the fact I only want small portions and never feel the desire to binge.


During the 6 months we've been taking Synergy One I have noticed some healing events that generally last a few day. One example of a healing event that involved sharp pain in my right hip and abdominal area. I knew immediately this was a healing event because I hadn't experienced any falls or injuries recently. As I thought I remembered a fall about 30 years ago resulting in similar pain.


Personally, I am very grateful for all the health benefits we've received from Synergy One. And, I'm most appreciative of a "normal" appetite. I could never understand how someone could just eat a few cookies and not the whole box. Now the thought of eating the whole box seems both impossible and an abuse of my body.


- Thanks, Barry

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Lina --- Thank you for providing a product that really does slow the aging process! --- December 2008

I'm the gal that went 6 months without the Synergy One product. I had an Epiphany several weeks ago, I was wondering why I was noticeably more tired and didn't appear quite as "youthful". I know I know; stress, the economy, winter coming, but really something else was happening.


So I re-ordered and now two weeks after using this product, "I am back!" Yes, my energy level is up, I "look" more alive and I feel more optimistic. All those can't quite define elements of well being that slowly slip away as we age. Thank you for providing a product that really does slow the aging process.


- Sincerely, Lina Jacobson





Sharon --- Sharon gets deep and healing sleep; all of the little aches and pains went away on Synergy One --- September 2008

I just ordered another 6 bottles of Synergy One as it is the most phenomenal product I've EVER used. I have been using the product for about 6 months now. The first thing I noticed of course was deep and healing sleep. Then all of the little aches and pains as one ages went away. I have a knee that cracks and pops as I walk up stairs and that has ceased to happen. I just have an over-all sense of balance that has been restored. My 58 year old sister just took a nasty fall and cracked her pelvis. I'm going to give her an extra bottle I happen to have on hand and I will be able to let you know what happens with her as well.


- Thanks, Shari Schwab





Cindy --- Cindy experiences healing of knee injury while using Synergy One and Collagen. --- September 2008

Hello, Stephen!


To make a long story short, I had an accident July 30th where I'm pretty sure I tore the Meniscus in my left knee, used Cocoon Nutrition's Synergy One and Collagen as part of my self-doctoring regimen, and now my knee feels about 95% healed up! I am absolutely thrilled because I thought I was going to have to have a 2nd surgery on that knee. Instead, right now, I can go for 2-3 mile walks without pain and without any after effects the next day! What a great outcome for something "allopathic" medicine cannot treat without surgery. :) I am convinced the Synergy One and Collagen was a big part of the reason my knee is so much better and am one happy camper!!!




L. --- 59 yr old women experiences sexual rejuvenation, more energy and elimination of down feelings. --- July 2008

Not sure you can use my testimony because of the personal nature, but I have been wanting to share it with someone. I am 59 yrs old and have been menopausal since 1997. I have had no sexual desire for more years than that plus extreme vaginal dryness. After two weeks of taking Synergy One all that has changed. I am so young again sexually. The dryness is gone and sexual desire and pleasure has returned. In fact, the desire and pleasure is stronger than it has ever been. My husband and I used to talk about my frigidity but don't need to anymore. Who can believe all that has changed at age 59. Several years ago I tried natural estrogen therapy (tri-est), but only took it for two months because I didn't see any improvement and it wasn't covered by my insurance. I've been taking Synergy One for one month and it is worth every penny.


I am also feeling much more energetic and do not have any "down" feelings. I am looking forward to see what results I get after taking Synergy One for a few months. I am looking forward to less grey hair and wrinkles. I am not on any prescription medications and haven't take any for any length of time.


Now, it is my husband's turn to try the product. He is on high blood pressure medication and has problems with arthritis. I will let you know how Synergy One helps him.


- L.R. Texas


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Paul --- Drops weight and looses limp on Synergy One --- July 2008

In short I started having problems with my shoulder and both hands sometime around last December. I went to a local neurologist and was diagnosed with mild RA (arthritis) and was given a prescription for predesone. Being against the taking of drugs, I decided to look for a natural product that might relieve some of my discomfort. I ended up taking arthalin and I had a lot of relief from my pain.There was a time when it was difficult to pick up a cup of coffee. I stopped taking arthalin in March when I heard about Synergy One on the Jeff Rense program. I enjoy his program and I think he has the best on radio.

I have had a problem with one of my knees in addition to my hands and shoulder, so I thought I had nothing to lose in trying Synergy One. The results have been most rewarding for me. I no longer limp around and the benefit of dropping from 193 to 178 has been the best thing for me in a long time. In addition, I sleep a lot better since I have been taking chrysa-lis.

I might add, at age 74 I feel like a new man.


- Thanks again, Paul Crosby



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