Synergistic NutritionSynergistic Nutrition

Synergistic Nutrition is about providing high quality products and information that support your ability to create great health. Synergistic Nutrition is set up as a Private Association Membership, so that the right to freedom of speech, freedom of association, the right to decide what you put into your body are all protected and preserved. It is an educational organization that wishes to teach people the laws of nature so that human suffering can be eliminated or prevented. It is our vision that when we have the truth on any one topic we can choose to be free of the suffering caused by acting out of harmony with life’s laws. The whole world becomes a beautiful place when humans are happy and living in harmony with nature. We invite you to learn of the truth regarding nutrition and how to create mental health, so that both physical and emotional health is yours. We desire that you discover that you can create exactly what you most desire in your life.


In support of this teaching we direct you to read “The Happiness Sutra” by Dr. Rick Levy and “Ask and It Is Given” By Ester and Jerry Hicks.