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Consultations are between 1 to 1 & 1/2 hours long and cost US$235 per hour and can be arranged by phone.

Consultation includes preparing your Supplement Schedule and Remote Scan of Your Body For Imbalances with Qest4 Device.


Listen to Stephen explain how accurate the Qest4 Device has been in his personal and client experience:


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What is It?

Bioenergetic Testing utilizes a computer based instrument which measures the energy of the body using acupuncture meridian point readings, providing a new and highly accurate method for determining the energetic causes of allergies and ailments.

Bioenergetic Testing is the product of a 30-year evolution in Biological- Energetic/bio-feedback testing. Dr. Voll and Dr. Werner of Germany developed this new approach to good health utilizing a modern computer and sophisticated program. Relatively new in this country, it is felt by many people to be the most significant breakthrough in health in many years. The technique is understood, accepted, and used widely in other countries, especially Germany, France, England, and Canada and is rapidly growing in the United States.

It is based on the Chinese Medical theory that improper energy flow through the acupuncture meridians causes energy imbalances in the body. During the past 30 years, doctors have identified the interrelationship between acupuncture point measurement and individual organs and tissues. Bio-energetic testing is also very similar to bio-feed-back. It has been endorsed by many doctors and dentists in the U.S., including Roy Curtin, Ph.D. of Brigham Young University, Fuller Royal, M.D. of the Nevada Clinic, Las Vegas, NV, and John Sinclair, D.D.S., from Arkansas. 

The computer measures the degree of electrical resistance of the acupuncture points, generally the hands and feet. These measurements indicate the balances of imbalances of the various organ systems of the body, and can detect low-level reactions in the body. It also indicates which nutritional or homeopathic remedy and the exact potency that will bring about an energy balance. Bio-energetic testing can also monitor the patient’s progress. There are no side-effects or after-effects with proper use of electro-diagnosis and therapy. No piercing of the skin, no discomfort, and no electrical impulses are felt during the testing. The only clothing that must be removed are your shoes and stockings. 


What Can It Do?

  1. Identify chemicals, pesticides, herbicides, and other toxic materials in your system (including any problem with dental materials such as mercury).

  2. Determine the energetic level of each and every organ in the body and how well it is functioning.

  3. Indicate allergies and foods that are best-suited to your specific biochemical make-up (what should be added, or eliminated from your diet).

  4. Identify environmental allergies to heavy metals such as mercury, aluminum, and other types of allergies to yeast, fungus and molds.

  5. Indicate any vitamin or mineral imbalances.

In fact, the system is capable of performing over 13,600 individual tests on your body. Perhaps more important, the machine will automatically indicate what remedies you may need to help you and your doctor correct various problems and deficiencies. 



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About Stephen

Health has given me back happiness, a more positive mood, energy, a love for life and a feeling that anything is possible!

Health is a blessed thing that can be lost if neglected and recovered if you learn the specific ingredients required to attain it.

When I was 15, a well-meaning, but lethally misinformed, doctor of dentistry put two, hefty mercury fillings into my teeth. On that same day, I got a very bad sore throat. The sore throat persisted for days and did not subside like normal sore throats do. I was put on antibiotics for 20 days. Antibiotics killed the beneficial bacteria in my gut. Digestive health cannot happen without well-functioning gut flora, which has to be dominated by specific species of bacteria and yeasts. These gut floras protect us from toxic substances by neutralizing or “grabbing” the toxins and holding them tight.

A study was done on animals given high amounts of organic mercury in their water and food. During this study, one group of animals was treated with antibiotics and another was not. In the animals that did not receive antibiotics, only one percent of that mercury managed to get into the body from the digestive tract, due to the presence of robust, healthy intestinal flora. In the animals treated by antibiotics, about 95% of the mercury got into their bodies, their blood streams, bones, muscles and everywhere else. Since these animals did not have healthy intestinal flora due to antibiotic exposure, the mercury ultimately went throughout the digestive tract and organs systems, killing intestinal nerves, stopping enzymes from working, and causing Candida.

Throughout my childhood, I was very athletic, coordinated, and had a happy disposition. Prior to receiving mercury fillings, I was normal in my elimination. It was not until after the fillings that my chronic constipation began. Since I remembered what good health felt like, I wanted to know what went wrong. In 1976, I began my search for higher health. I went to many different Holistic Practitioners, but none of them could help me to any significant degree. No amount of supplements, colonics, juice fasting, wheat grass juice, raw vegetarianism or raw meat eating corrected the chronic intestinal sluggishness. It was only after 9 months of a specific mercury detoxification supplement program that my intestinal function returned to normal by 75%.  Today, it has returned to normal by 95%.  

In 1998 after 24 years of searching for the answers, I finally learned that mercury was at the foundation of many different diseases. Personally, I had a combination of conditions from mercury poisoning. The two most dominate were chronic constipation and under functioning adrenal glands. At that time, very few practitioners understood how to effectively and safely detoxify heavy metals and chemicals. Since this is what liberated me from so much of my problems, it is an area I intimately understand.

I earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Nutrition from the American College of Nutripathy in Scottsdale, Arizona in 1990. I have been in private practice since 1989. Radiant health is my goal and I can guide you into areas that help you to achieve it. I will instruct you on the nutritional and electromagnetic aspects of healing. If you need and are open to it, I will make recommendations in the mental/emotional health arena as well. My clients experience substantial improvement in the first 30 days of their program. To learn of the success others have had please go to the testimonies section of our website. (Click Here for testimonies).