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When I was 15, I was poisoned with mercury fillings. The effect of these 2 large fillings, in addition to 7 that had been there for years prior, was devastating. The day they were put in I got a very bad sore throat that would not go away. After 20 days of antibiotics, the sore throat went away. Within 6 months, I went from a cheerful, energetic, strong, athletic, coordinated boy with normal elimination to chronically constipated, bloated, self-conscious and depressed. 


From 1976 to 1998, I was desperately looking for how to restore myself to normal. I did all kinds of intestinal cleansing which included colonics and colemas. I did 12 juice fasts for 7 days duration or longer. I took a million and one supplements. I traveled around the country and to healers in Mexico, Brazil, England and Germany. I saw Holistic MD's, Naturopaths, Acupuncturists, took Chinese herbal teas, tried Homeopathy, Chiropractic and many nutrient interventions. All of these methods taught me a lot, but none of them restored my elimination, kidneys or adrenals back to health.


On this journey, I discovered that once cells are damaged by a toxin such as mercury or drugs, the histone tail of the DNA is damaged. This most often causes slowing down of cellular function. The cell is not damaged enough to die, but is damaged to become chronically hypo and occasionally hyper in its function. This means that with every new cell division that weak, dysfunctional cell duplicates the same low functioning cell. This is why so many times after being poisoned by a drug or heavy metal or toxin, you're never the same and your condition becomes chronic. So despite my years of cleansing and proper eating, I never gained back normal elimination until certain specific factors were addressed. Although I had done all this cleansing, my cells still were not free of mercury. I had my fillings replaced with white composites in 1991, and yet even after homeopathic mercury detox, I had no change in my elimination or health. It was not until 1997 that I learned I needed to take some man made synthetic sulfur amino acids to remove the mercury from my cells. In 1998, I took synthetic sulfur amino acids once per month for 9 months. In the 9th month my elimination became 75% normal for the first time in 24 years. Over the course of the next five years of using both synthetic sulfur amino acids, Mercury Magnet and eating raw meats 50-60% of the time, my elimination become 95% normal.


Today, taking the synthetic sulfur amino acid DMSA can be done more safely with the use of Hyaluronic acid taken at the same time. This is very important as the DMSA causes the mercury to exit the kidneys and this can stress or damage them if not protected. Dr. Klinghart suggests the body is protected from negative effectives of DMSA when taking Hyaluronic Acid at the same time. Instead of using DMSA I've found a much more powerful and gentler way to remove toxins of all kinds from the body. Our bodies are equipped to handle detoxification of mercury and other toxins, if adequately supported. The number one means of detoxification is glutathione production. Each cell of the body is supposed to produce 10% of its protein content as glutathione. However, due to toxicity, aging and nutrient deficiencies, this mechanism appears to be barely working.


Based upon feedback from numerous clients since 2010, we have empirical proof that people can successfully detoxify their bodies on a combination of products and healthy diet. This combination of products consists of One World Whey (1 scoop 2x per day), Pectaclear (1cap at beginning of each meal), Mineral Magic (1/2 to 1tsp 1x per day), and TMG (1cap 3x per day). If constipation is an issue then add Ejuva Power Caps caps (4-6 caps at bedtime or on empty stomach).


I have found with myself and my clients that the way back to health is a combination of complete whole body cellular detoxification, proper dietary supplement intervention, the Bemer Microcirculation Device and an organic diet as a foundation. This means it is a synergism of supplements, diets, detox and all that works in concert to bring you back to wonderful health and happiness. This is why I call my company Synergistic Nutrition. The way back to a place of personal health and happiness is more real and easier to achieve than ever before.

Yours for a happy body, mind and heart, 
Stephen Heuer, BS Nutripath

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