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Greenstar Elite Juicers are award-winning machines of unsurpassed quality providing the highest yield and maximum amount of nutrition out of your produce.

green star elite gse 5000 juicer

Greenstar owners expect only the best from Tribest products, making Greenstar machines reputably one of the 

world’s best juice extractors and most efficient food processors. By adding a third stage to the juicing process, Greenstar Elite is the world’s only juice extractor utilizing 

the same bioceramic and magnetic technology found in regular twin gears but in a revolutionary advanced jumbo twin gear set which offers you not only the freshest tasting juice from your produce but also maximizes your juice yields from various fruits and vegetables compared to the original two stage system.


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The Tribest® Slowstar® Vertical Slow Juicer and Mincer can quietly juice your favorite fruits and vegetables at the low speed of 47 RPM. The Mincing Attachment turns the Slowstar™ into a multi-purpose tool to create your favorite recipes like sorbets, nut butters, pâté, and sauces. The Slowstar is a 2-in-1 machine that is the perfect solution to get the most out of your produce. 




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Tribest Yolife YL-210-A Yogurt Maker with YL02L 64 oz Glass Jar with Lid

Yolife is the fast and easy way to make fresh yogurt at home. In just 8-12 hours, Yolife can make up to 42 oz of nutritious yogurt from milk or soy milk in the convenient glass containers that are included. 

Conveniently make and store your yogurt in this large 64 oz glass jar. Perfect for making yogurt for the entire family, or for recipes where more than 6 oz are required.


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peace ball 1 2 1

Protect Yourself from Harmful Electro-Magnetic Frequencies! The Peace Ball is a personal Active EMF Neutralizator is a small device that is designed to be worn as a necklace by people. It provides protection against typical EMF in the person's surrounding area and provides Magnetopathic Therapy.


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elektron4John Ellis' Electron 5 Living Water Machine can do what no ordinary water filter can! Simply drinking electron charged water can darken your hair, get rid of cancer, parasites and viruses and help you return to radiant health. 

John Ellis' Electron Living Water Machine is the only technology available to break down the extremely tight bonds between water’s hydrogen molecules. This enables the water to more readily penetrate cell membranes, carrying nutrients and electrons that destroy free radicals!

It then packs it full of highly energized electrons, making it the most powerful, effective, natural, free-radical scavenger and antioxidant that the human body can quickly and easily use in abundance. This product is so technologically unique that it has never been duplicated and it is patented worldwide.



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