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With each day, the world advances further in discovering nature's secrets. Electromagnetic and Frequency science are two of the secrets to aiding the body to achieve ideal health. In nature everything is made up of specific molecular structures. Proteins found in milk such at growth factors, Immunoglobins, lactoferrin and Glycomacropeptide can only function in the beneficial manner that nature designed them to; if they retain the shape that nature gave them. The normal processing of whey from a liquid to a dry powder causes proteins to fold or bend and lose their original shape. Amino acids are the building blocks of protein and they too can become lose their original shape, when exposed to, too much heat.


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We all understand the feelings of fear vs. love. We all know the feelings of fear will destroy our health when these feelings are chronic. We also know that the feelings of happiness and love will always promote health and well-being. This analogy should help us to conceptualize that food, when properly grown or raised, will have more positive, life giving, frequencies that promote health, well-being and happiness from a biochemical and epigentic perspective.
Contrary to what most people have been incorrectly taught, carbohydrates like xylitol, dextrose, maltose or fruits are not destructive of health when used in the correct amounts with a full spectrum of co-factor nutrients. When co-factor nutrients are present in your carbohydrate foods, they are efficiently converted into energy. The propensity for creating excess body fat is no longer a concern.

An advantage of consuming some carbohydrates with whey protein is that the protein can then be used 100% for the repair of the body. When you eat protein with no carbohydrates, the body will breakdown some of the protein into sugar. This is because sugar or dextrose aka glucose is the brains number one fuel. When we do not have enough sugar in the brain, we become depressed, low energy, and anti-social. The body needs glucose to make small amounts of pancreatic alcohol that maintains proper body temperature and digestion.  

When the body is forced to convert protein into sugar due to a deficiency of carbohydrates, then this is extra work and stress for the body. The reason being is that this is a very inefficient form of energy production. The body is designed to efficiently convert carbohydrates into energy.

It is a waste of protein, and taxing on your body, to use protein for glucose. All milk products whether human or animal have significant amounts of sugar naturally in them. Human milk is only 1% protein and 7% sugar, and 4% fat and yet babies fed on this grow in leaps and bounds. The fact that the human body is has more taste buds for sweet than any other taste and that we produce the starch digesting enzyme in the mouth and in the pancreas, means we are physiologically designed to eat natural sweets and starches.

Satisfaction comes to the mind and body when carbohydrates are added to the diet. Stress reduction is a primary aspect of human health, and carbohydrates reduce stress by increasing serotonin production and due to the ease with which the brain and body can use them for energy. Without enough carbs in a whey protein powder, people will usually add fruit or honey as their body is craving carbohydrates to fuel the brain.

Also of note is that whey protein has been shown to increase insulin sensitivity and increase insulin levels. What this means is that the glucose in the blood will be absorbed into the cells for the creation of energy or for the creation of stored energy in the form of glycogen.[1] Increased levels of insulin also cause you to absorb amino acids better into your cells.

Many people are now reporting an increase in energy and well-being within 20 minutes of taking Energy Encoded One World Whey with these effects lasting up to 5 hours. These reports far surpass the results we’ve ever heard from any other Whey powder.




- After our whey is in a dry state is it put through a proprietary process that we believe restores the proteins to their ideal shape. This in turn would result in a truly Non-Denatured (Undamaged) Whey, Far Superior to Any Other Whey on The Market.

- Our Whey Comes from the Milk of Grass-Pastured Cows Raised on Pesticide-Free & Herbicide-Free Farms. No Hormones or Steroids are ever administered to our cows.

- When the naturally occurring growth factors, Immunoglobins, lactoferrin, lactokinin, Glycomacropeptide etc. retain the shape that nature gave them, then they are biologically active and functional. The benefits can be very pronounced. Read our Free Report on "A Consumers Guide to Whey Protein" to learn more.

- It's delicious! Even Kids Love the Taste. Really.





  • Feel Energy Levels Soar
  • Build Beautiful, Lean Muscle
  • Support Normal Brain Function, Cognition, and Mood.
  • Increase Master Antioxidant Levels
  • Experience Faster Recovery from Exercise
  • Support Normal Immune Function Throughout the Body
  • Support the Normal Metabolism of Heavy Metals andHarmful Toxins
  • Support Athletic Endurance and Performance


Doug Detoxes Heavy Metals

"... After being approximatley on the One World Whey for one week, I've had severe detox of metal particals arround my eyes (that was coming right out through the skin). Also, while taking the One World Whey, I've been able to keep and increase muscle mass on my body without increasing any physical activity. My wife and I are very, very impressed with all the health benefits that we have recieved by taking the One World Whey Protein."

- Doug Didero


Leslie lowers her dosages of Prozac after taking One World Whey for just 6 - 8 months. 

Annette's Hot Flashes Go Away After 2.5 weeks on One World Whey

Bruno tries One World Whey before his workouts and after 10 weeks, looks great.

Steve experiences increased strength and muscle. His 77-year-old mother's energy and mobility improves in just four hours after taking One World Whey.